Wealthy Affiliate Review – Legit or scam?

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: $0 Starter
Premium Membership: $47.00 per month
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Verdict: Legit

Wealthy Affiliate Review - My Findings

This review is aimed at  answering one of the most frequently asked questions  Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Scam?

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading my ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review- Legit or Scam?’ you will have a clear picture of how the programme works.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate running an internet business was new to me

My goal was to find a genuine online course that would equip me with relevant skills to run my own online business.

I didn’t start off with premium membership because of fears stemming from my previous experiences with scammers.

The Contextual Background

To put things into context, 5 years prior to joining WA I tried an affiliate programme which turned out to be a scam. I was extra cautious from that ordeal.

What made me to join Wealthy Affiliate?

To be honest, it wasn’t something planned. I joined Wealthy Affiliate after stumbling on its website while I was doing a random search to find legitimate affiliate marketing programmes online.


To my surprise, I discovered WA would actually give me more than I expected and that enticed me to join.

After 7 days of receiving ongoing training on the WA platform, I decided to go premium. A decision I will never regret. It’s only after going Premium that it became clearer the training WA  delivers is not ordinary but second to none.

Wealthy Affiliate's Training Is Exceptional!

The in-depth approach uses for its lessons became clearer after going premium. Even the founders, Kyle and Carson and the rest of the community members put emphasis on the need to work hard.


Other programmes out there promise members to become rich overnight without fully explaining how people can achieve that dream.

Wealthy Affiliate runs one of the most comprehensive online courses to teach people how to start their internet businesses using tried and tested methods.

To get started, one of the key actions members must do is to choose a niche. With millions of products out there to choose from, I didn’t have a clue where exactly to begin.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

WA is an online platform that trains affiliate marketers to create successful businesses online through its online courses. The training is targeted to ALL people with a burning passion to start their internet businesses.

Someone who is prepared to dedicate their time and effort to the training from start to finish. The online course is intended to benefit people from backgrounds of all sorts regardless of their level of expertise. Those at the beginner’s stage, intermediate and advanced stage are all welcome. Wealthy Affiliate is one in a million training provider.

Having said that, not all members who join Wealthy Affiliate become successful. Some give the training programme divided attention. As a result, they fail to do all the recommended lessons. Some fail to go far due to lack of self-belief.

Training / Tools Overview

Create A Personal Profile.
Wealthy affiliate teaches people the A-Z of starting an internet business including how to sustain the business.

The first thing I learned was creating my own profile. I now understand the purpose of having a personal profile, a tool to form lasting relationships with. I found a profile quite handy for introducing myself.

It breaks the ice and paves the way to smoothen communication and engagement with fellow community members through blogging and Live chats. A profile makes it possible for other community members to follow me. Now I understand followers play a crucial role in my success.

Understanding how to make money online


What makes WA unique is that unlike other affiliate programmes elsewhere, WA actually takes a serious approach to teach its members the process of how to make money online.

Most importantly, to demystify preconceived perceptions. WA teaches you that

  1. Anyone Can Accomplish Success Online.
  2. Anything NEW Can “Appear” to be Overwhelming at First.
  3. No Technical or Prior Online Business Experience Required.
  4. Success is a Journey.

Lesson 3 - Choose a Niche

When I first heard about choosing a niche I thought it was something beyond my grasp. Back then, I didn’t have a clue of what a niche is until I completed the course.

Building My Own Website Lesson

ways to make money online

With so many websites available nowadays, it’s tempting to copy what other website owners are doing even if it’s done incorrectly. Getting the opportunity to create my own website for a niche of my choice really boosted my confidence.


The first thing new members are asked to do once they join Wealthy Affiliate is to write their personal profiles. Looking back, I found this quite daunting, to be honest. Partly because I lacked self-confidence in my abilities. I never dreamt one day I would be able to write something.

Through constant training and practising, my confidence grew in leaps and bounds to the extent that I feel I can write almost any subject that gets thrown at me. I absolutely love the video tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate because they are backed with very clear and concise notes.

Meet Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors

ways to make money online

How the Ambassadorship programme works

Wealthy Affiliate members are encouraged to become ambassadors. Ambassadorship is beneficial to all community members. To become one you must pay-it-forward.

This is a concept for helping others first by answering their questions so that you can also receive help from them when you need it.

In the process, you are free to come forward to help a fellow member in an area you are comfortable or have knowledge in. 

The most form of help are contributions members make through blogs. Each member has My Blog to give them an opportunity to communicate with the rest by sharing their progress or lack of it.

Basically, it’s a platform where members share their experiences as they move through the Wealthy Affiliate training and at the same time building their online business.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is a star in the industry with the most advanced hosting features?

It doesn’t mean everyone who becomes a WA member will succeed to run a flourishing online business. It all depends on one’s commitment.

Some people join Wealthy Affiliate but are not prepared to work hard. One must work very hard before tangible results are seen. For more read Wealthy Affiliate Work Ethics article.



Overall, members are given high-quality support and its also given timeously. The owners are contactable directly by email. The amazing thing is that they interact with the community members.

The support you get at WA is not channelled one way. It’s delivered through training lessons, Live Chats, Blogs, Live Video classes and emails. The WordPress hosting services are available and can be accessed 24/7 providing support.

Wealthy Affiliate's Frequently Asked Questions

The WA Home Page has an accessible area, sort of an archival record, where you can retrieve previously asked questions including all the responses. Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ), make life easier because people get things clarified any time of the day.

Live and Instant Support

Wealthy Affiliate Help Centre has this to offer.

Help Center
Site Support
Technical support for your websites
Ask a Question
Get answers from the community
Live Chat
Live help and discussion
Private Message
Communicate in private with any member

Live Chat is also a wonderful way to get fast responses and feedback from fellow members. It is
just as good as a face-to-face interaction because you get responses instantaneously.


You get help with any questions related to your business. There are always senior members and ambassadors available to help or feedback on your questions. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you are also free to participate in answering other people’s questions and Live Chat.

Website and Hosting Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers a WordPress hosting service which is available and accessible 24/7 and provides continuous support.
Members also get 24/7 answers to their questions whenever they need help. In addition, through SiteSupport members are given access to the server administrators who are experts to the technical side of website building.
And Premium members get mentoring from the founders, Kyle and Carson, who are available almost daily.

SiteContent Features and Benefits

Site Content is the ultimate writing platform where you can write quality content for the success of your online business.
This tool enables you to build and organize your content efficiently, by setting and tracking your writing goals. SiteContent allows you to choose from over 1 million extraordinary images related to your niche which you can easily integrate into your content. They automatically get optimized to get fast website load times.

Grammar and Spelling 

The Perfection Checker tool s very efficient and reliable. It is also a Plagiarism Checker. Before you publish your content on your website. It compares your content to billions of pages online. This tool makes you aware of any duplicate content you may have, which in any case is not good for SEO. 


Templates for Efficiency, which allow you to quickly create varied types of website content in the process of building your website.
The product price is free for all starters unless they want to go Premium, which is at $47 per month. I was lucky when I became Premium because I got it on an exclusive offer of $15.00. 

If you have a burning passion to turn your dreams into a successful internet business, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

Membership at WA


What if I Want To Cancel my memberships?

If you decide to end your WA membership you will have
 login access to your websites for 30 days.

many former members who returned several months or the lengthy period after cancelling their account were fortunate enough to find WA had kept a backup copy of their websites. Isn’t that amazing?

How much revenue do I earn by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate? 

If you have any questions in relation to my post, Wealthy  Affiliate Review – Legit or Scam? please leave it below. I will be more than happy to come back to you as soon as I can.

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  • Hi there,
    This is a great review on WA and I can easily identify with you on the professional training that we get with this online business.
    I echo your sentiments on the great community camaraderie thats also available at this company.
    The back-up and help thats available is fantastic and price wise…its not beyond peoples reach either.
    Thanks again for posting and best wishes
    Cheers..Phil Browne

    • Hi, Phil, thank you very much for your comment.
      It’s pleasing to know that we share the same experiences since we have been with the WA programme.

  • I can definitely vouch for wealthy affiliate. The videos are very informative and provide you with all the info you need. And the community is there to help you with any questions you might have. On things that was really appealing about it in the beginning was that they didn’t market it as a get rich quick scene. To succeed you have to be willing to put in the work. But if you’re willing, it is possible.

    • Thank you Jake for taking your time to leave a comment.
      I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit programme.
      It is a platform where you get the rare opportunity to mingle with like-minded business people.

  • A great, in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I actually joined myself a few months ago and have found it to be the most informative, supportive community I have ever been a part of.

    I can’t emphasise enough how great the quality of the training is and the amount of information that is available to you. I can highly recommend it.

    • Hi, Louise, thank you for taking time out to read my review.
      I am glad that we all share the same sentiments. Its true that Wealthy Affiliate training is exceptional.
      It is known for being one of the best in the world. Its reviews, speak for themselves.

  • Hello
    Thanks for your in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate programme. l was looking for something totally different online when your page came up.You have explained things so well in an easy way to understand that even a newbie will understand.
    One thing I’m wondering is, if l join this Wealthy Affiliate, then later on decide to leave,do l loose my 2 websites or can l take them with me to a new host?

    • Thank you for your feedback, it’s really encouraging.
      Coming to your question, what I understand is that once you pay for your website domain it becomes totally yours, you own it. You can change the hosting provider for any reason. The hosting is the one which takes care of all your website needs to ensure it works properly. It all depends on whether the new host uses the same framework of your website like WordPress. In short, you don’t lose your websites provided you find an appropriate host for your website.

  • This is a nice updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’ve been a member of WA for a while now, and I am so thankful I found such great site that has taught a lot on starting an online business and affiliate marketing. Also, the community is great and very supportive. Definitely recommend this site to everyone interested in making money online.

  • This is a nice updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’ve been a member of WA for a while now, and I am so thankful I found such great site that has taught a lot on starting an online business and affiliate marketing. Also, the community is great and very supportive. Definitely recommend this site to everyone interested in making money online.

    • Hi, Carlos, thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment.
      I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate programme is a genuine programme rare to come by these days.
      The reviews speak a lot about the courses it offers,its impact on people’s lives and other tools it has developed.

  • Ive heard a lot of good things about Wealthy Affiliate and your review covers even more of them. I have an elderly grandfather who is now alone and doesnt know what to do with his time. He putters on the internet and isnt afraid to learn new things. Do you think this is a good program for an elderly gentlman or will it be over his head?

    • Hello, Dr. Doug, thank you so much for sparing your time to leave some comments.
      I once fell into wrong hands the time I joined a money making programme, which turned out to be a scam. So, compared with Wealthy Affiliate, there is a lot of difference.
      Usually, scams ask for high registration fees before you even start to learn anything.
      Coming to your question, yes your grandfather can certainly join. However, to ease off the pressure,he can start off joining for free and see how it goes.
      At this early stage, he gets to build his own website for free. The good thing is he will choose an area he is
      passionate about, a hobby, to be his area to write about..
      In the event he needs clarification on anything, there is a lot of stuff on YouTube.
      Also, at WA there are a lot of people in the mid to adult age group to meet.


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