Ways To Make Money Online Doing LEGITIMATE Paid Surveys

Online surveys that pay cash

Online surveys that pay cash is one way to make money online to increase your income streams.

Legitimate paid surveys
‘Paid Surveys won’t make you rich.”  Although this makes a lot of sense, surveys play an important role some people do not appreciate. They offer financial backing during times of hardships.

Online survey jobs

Having said surveys help us earn extra cash to supplement our incomes, it’s a different story if you’re aiming to make a lot of money from paid online surveys.

If you want to make a lot of money through surveys, you’re better off starting your own survey company.

Before you sign-up quickly to join any survey company, make sure you’re joining a legitimate platform because there are more scammers out there, more than the number of genuine survey platforms.

The good news is I’ve already done part of the job for you, a web research to unearth genuine paid surveys compiled in this post.

Online survey jobs UK
Certain survey companies are country-specific. The majority I’ve listed in this post are UK based.

Valued opinions reviews

ways to make money online
Start Earning

 My Survey is run by a group of consumers in the UK. Its mission is to influence future products and services through consumer research.

MySurvey pays consumers up to £5.00 per completed survey. Also, consumers can take part in product testing.

Valued Opinions
At Valued Opinions, you earn rewards for taking part in surveys and
get paid up to £5.00 for each survey you complete.

Payment is done in the form of gift vouchers redeemable at top UK retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and M & S and Boots.

Ways to make money online
Start Earning Points!

At Toluna you earn points for each survey you complete either by writing your opinions or taking part in polls.

Toluna gives its new members 500 points for registering.

When you reach a certain threshold, for example,
190 000, you can redeem your points in cash equivalent to £35.00 through PayPal.

You can exchange your points for gift vouchers or the vice versa for monetary rewards.

For example, £30.00  = 160000 points. 

Creating Content
At Toluna platform you can also earn points for creating great content.

You’re given guidelines for content creation and for the type of content expected.

You earn points for creating content in the range of 100, 500 – 1000 points.

Referral Earnings
Toluna rewards participants with points for the referrals they make whenever they share links on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and email.

You will receive 500 bonus points for each referral. 

Review Comments
People who have participated in Toluna surveys have left comments in reviews and hailed it for allowing them to voice their opinions to legitimate marketing researchers. Also, giving them immediate rewards after taking part.

Join Now and  Start Earning Points!

iPoll paid Surveys

iPoll offers participants free rewards in the form of gift cards and airline credits for sharing their opinions about products they buy and places they have visited. 

On Opinion World platform you earn points. You are free to exchange them for cash via PayPal.

You may prefer voucher retailers such as Argos and Amazon.co.uk, among other outlets.

Global Test Market is an online platform where you get rewarded for sharing your opinion through surveys.

You earn points each time you complete a survey and you can redeem them for cash and rewards.

Panel Place gives you earning opportunities from survey companies.

PanelPlace links you with reliable survey companies that will pay for completing surveys for their research. 

Swagbucks rewards you with gift cards including cash for everyday things you already do online.

How do you earn points?
Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals to earn points.

How do I get paid? Y
You redeem your points for free gift cards at your favourite retailers or get cash back from PayPal. 

Start Earning Points!

Jobs at Clickworker platform involve completing surveys. Once you join Clickworker you get invited to take part in several surveys on its partner website (Peanut Labs).

Clickworker advises members not to provide their personal information such as e-mail, residential address, name and bank account details.

Ways to make money online

Not everyone
who wants to participate in Peanut Labs surveys will have the chance to do so.

Peanut Labs pairs you with surveys from various market researchers who screen participants in order to get very specific participants.

 27-minute survey
24 $ Cents16-minute survey
23 $ Cents27-minute survey
32 $ Cents8-minute survey
34 $ Cents10-minute survey

If you meet the criteria to take part in Peanut Labs surveys you get paid a few cents as shown above. The money is payable in 60 days.

Ipsos I-Say
Ipsos I-Say is a global market research firm you can join to be part of its panel members who do surveys.

Also, you can participate in creating and taking polls.

How Much Does Ipsos I-Say Pay You?
You get paid $0.45 or $2 via a point system.

If you complete 200 surveys, you are awarded 600 points which are equivalent to $6.00.

Another way to earn money on the Ipsos I-Say platform is by referring people to join the survey company.

SurveyGoo is a rapidly growing survey panel where you can earn rewards.

What’s on Offer?

You do bullet point short, easy polls and earn up to £10 each!

Payment in cash or Amazon vouchers.

 Prolific Academic
is one of the best survey sites around.

Prolific is a completely legit way of making extra money doing real surveys online.

Prolific surveys are short studies conducted on its platform by real scientific researchers who can be colleges and universities into researching.

Once you’ve taken part in the world-leading research you earn cash for yourself or for your charity.

Earn Referrals

If you refer a participant you will earn 10% of their first cash out on Prolific.

If you refer a researcher Prolific will split 20% of the total value of their first study between you and the researcher you refer.

Start Earning Points!

Opinion Outpost  
You’ll earn rewards and take part in influencing decision-makers in the UK through paid surveys online. 

These surveys are around various products and services you know.

How Much Do I Pay To Join?
It’s free to join, For every online survey you complete you can redeem your rewards in cash or vouchers.

Prize Draws:
On top of that, you get the chance to be entered into Opinion Outpost quarterly prize draws.

The lucky winner walks away with £5,000 in cash.
Start Earning Points!

ways to make money online

Pinecone Research is a champion in voicing the opinions of consumers in the UK at a national level.

Joining Pinecone Research allows you to take surveys to influence which products make it to the stores.

What is the benefit? 
You learn about products before they hit the market. How do I get paid? You earn points for every completed survey and you can redeem points for cash or prizes.

PrizeRebel to complete paid online surveys at PrizeRebel you need to sign-up first for FREE.

Afterwards, you are able to earn points and redeem them for PayPal CASH and Gift cards redeemable at Tesco, Amazon and M & S.


You can easily make money. For anyone you refer, you earn 20% referral points.
Start Earning Points!

Why online paid Survey are not everyone's Cup of Tea? 

Every job has its own ups and downs. The same thing applies to paid surveys online.

Judging from reviews left by participants after taking part in surveys, the most raised issue is that people don’t like the intrusive nature of certain surveys.

Especially where they get asked to provide confidential information. Some surveys do ask for confidential information in a subtle way.

For example, recommending participants to sign up on survey platforms using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

One would think about the confidentiality of the followers the participants will be having on their social media accounts.

The fact that most surveys are time-consuming but pay little is also a major issue of concern that was pointed out.

It leaves people questioning themselves if it’s worth taking part in surveys at all. To some, doing paid surveys is a waste of time and effort.

Most surveys pay participants in the form of vouchers, which is good but it takes too much time and effort to complete them. 

Flipping The Coin The Other Side

If surveys are going to play an effective role, it’s inevitable to ask participants their confidential information.

This Is Why?
To be able to conduct certain researches, it’s imperative that certain surveys have to filter participants to get the right candidates who fit the research criteria.

For example, the main focus of consumer research surveys is to discover what people like.

So, for these surveys to have samples that have a cross representation of people from various backgrounds, screening must be done.

Some surveys are aimed at very specific groups of people and not everyone will be able to complete every survey.

It’s relevant, therefore, to ask for information about age, gender and household income.

These factors collectively portray a picture of the candidate’s lifestyle.

This is very important for surveys. From that information, they can deduce what products and services are of interest to your family.

How Long Does An average Survey Take To Complete?

The number of questions varies from one survey to another. Generally, most surveys take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

My Advice
The more information you give, the more you will increase your chances of receiving invitations to participate in surveys.

Participation is done voluntarily. 

Paid online jobs - The final verdict

The money you earn from surveys is not much compared to the time you put into them.

However, if you are completing surveys at the same time you will be working on your internet business, you will be seated in front of your computer anyway. So, you might do some surveys alongside your business.

It will be convenient for you to take a few minutes on surveys here and there. 

For those who are housebound and have little options to the way they want to work, doing surveys on platforms like Swagbucks is worth trying. 

Some people would want to avoid Paid Online Surveys that ask for personal information such as e-mail, address, name and bank account details.

Surveys DO PLAY an important role and they are definitely financial gap-fillers for those starting businesses online while waiting for financial growth.

But you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable.

How much you will earn from paid surveys largely depends on the type of survey you join and how much they pay you. 

ways to make money online
Earn Cash Doing Surveys

To conclude, the money you earn from completing surveys is less compared to the time you invest in doing the job.

Half a loaf is better than nothing. In any case, most surveys are easy and quick to do.

Paid surveys give you a bit of extra pocket money.

Gift cards for doing surveys are quite handy for exchanging them for presents on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

Paid online surveys are not for everyone but if you are looking for short easy surveys, then Clickworker and OnePoll are most ideal. You will be able to do small tasks for a few cents on their platforms.

If you have any questions related to my post, Little Known Ways to Legitimate Paid Surveys’ please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than pleased to get back to you as soon as I can. Also, feel free to leave some comments. 

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8 thoughts on “Ways To Make Money Online Doing LEGITIMATE Paid Surveys

  1. Thank you, Femia, for this post which has answered one of my burning questions that I had about online surveys.
    Each time I came across a blog saying join online surveys to make money online, I used to wonder how much someone can earn from these platforms.
    It sounded as if doing online surveys I would earn a lot of money. Thanks for shedding light on this area.
    I like the way you explained the nature of work surveys do.
    I appreciate, thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving some comments.

      I do not take that lightly. I appreciate.

      I am really pleased that you found my post about online surveys informative and has answered some areas that were not clear to you about online surveys.

      If you want to make serious money with surveys forming your own company is the best option.

      For example, PanelPlace links you to reliable survey companies that pay for doing research. it does not have surveys for candidates that it pays.

      Instead, it facilitates by linking candidates with survey companies.

      I don’t know how much PanelPlace makes (profits) out of that but I’m sure it makes a decent amount of money.

  2. Thanks so much, Femia for your blog post which has laid bare a lot of things about online surveys that I was not aware of.
    I dint know that because of the way certain surveys are designed, they have to screen candidates in order to choose eligible participants. The only way they can dos so is by asking for candidates’ confidential information.
    That makes a lot of sense and it will be up to me as a participant whether I want to comply or not.

    1. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog post about online surveys and also for leaving some valuable contribution.
      I am pleased you gained something from reading my post. Also, you benefited from the information I shared.
      I feel in as much as participants would blame online surveys for their intrusive nature, there must be a reason why surveys would ask you to part with your confidential information.
      Once again many thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks, Femia, for this informative post you have well researched about paid surveys.
    What I liked most is having some balanced opinion around confidential information participants get asked.
    It makes a lot of sense to me since, in real life, survey participants are asked about confidential and sensitive information. And this is the reason why researches ask for consent for participation and promise the participants to keep their confidentiality.
    Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Hello, thanks so much for sparing time to stop by, read my post and leave some incredible comments!
      I am really pleased to hear that you found my post informative and you can resonate with the discussion.
      Having carried out a couple of research projects myself the time I was a student.
      I understand that asking for confidential information is ethical. However, the researcher needs to ask for consent because most company policies on human research ethics, respect participants’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.

  4. Thank you very much for this detailed information you have compiled about paid surveys.

    I tried a few paid surveys but the main thing that bothers me is the little payment I get in the end after spending hours of being glued to the computer trying to complete them.

    It’s just not worth it.

    Are there other better-paying surveys you are aware of?.

    1. Hello, thank you very much for sparing your time to leave me some really useful feedback.

      You are not alone. I share the same sentiments with you regarding paid surveys.

      The ones I have written are the better-paying ones.

      To maximise your earning try to give as much information as possible in completing your profile.

      Once you do that you will increase your chances to participate in more surveys.
      The more you do the more will be allocated to you.

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