Ways To Create Content That Converts

n your effort to find ways to make money online, creating content that converts is key to unlocking a lot of potentials leading to much success online.

However, turn-around does not happen overnight. You go through phases including being able to create content that converts.

To create content that converts, you begin by taking preliminary steps. And if these steps are properly implemented will lead to your business success.

Create A Website

The first step to establishing your business online is to create a website. It’s not just an ordinary website you need to create but a functional website.

Why Would I Need A Website?
A website is very important. It is the foundation of your business. This is where you are going to build something of substance and stature.

Attract Website Visitors

The next thing comes after you have created your website is to create content targeting keywords.

Why using keywords?
It’s a proven way of getting organic traffic to your website without forking out any penny.

Focus on creating high-quality content that’s engaging to attract a dialogue. This will lead to your website gaining authority.

As you gain more authority, your content will start getting ranked by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once your content is ranked you will start to get traffic.

Now that you have traffic what next?

There are millions of products you can promote that are of relevance to your audience, searching for them. The next step is to join affiliate marketing programmes to promote products on your website.

Once you have the traffic coming to your website, you need now to start thinking about optimising your content for conversions.

Conversion Optimization Meaning

Conversion optimization means increasing the chances of visitors to your site to do what you intend them to do. For example, to buy something or to sign up for a newsletter, or maybe opting in for a free guide download.

Conversion optimization can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Writing content that converts.
  2. Tweaking some elements of your website and then measuring the effect of the ultimate changes from the actions of visitors. This helps you to identify what works for you in terms of visitors taking the action you want them to take. This is where landing pages come in.

What On Earth Does It Mean To  Create Content That Converts?

You don’t have to be a writer or the smartest writer to create content that converts. What matters most is to focus on creating content that answers people’s concerns and objections. In other words, content that addresses all people who visit your site’s issues. These are the different types of site users.

Some of your site visitors intend to buy something. While others come on a mission to research, planning to return at a later stage to buy something, presumably after consulting with their colleagues.

So, to create content that converts means

To create content which accommodates every segment of your visitors.

What Makes Great Content?

1. Captivating article title
Your headlines must draw people in and entice them to read.

2. Provoking Thought and Engagement

3. Adding Images and Videos

4. Concise and to the point

5. Actionable Ending
Call to action and always make follow-ups through emails.

Having mentioned all these factors, you must gain the trust of your visitors. To gain the trust of your audience you need to explain yourself.

Why Do You Need To Explain Yourself?

Explaining yourself means to make it clear where your website comes in. What is it that you have to offer? To avoid missing the point, try to figure out someone with a problem or a desire. What’s on their mind?

So, your job is to figure out the solution your audience need and what it takes to solve the problem. Is it a journey of transformation they are contemplating? If so, then your job is to create content for training purposes or mentoring. You may choose to deliver the content in the form of a course.

As you continue to create relevant content to your audience, you will gradually gain more authority. People will look to you as an authoritative source of help.

If your content is for delivering training, visualise it as a coaching device. Tailor-make your content inline with delivering information that will transform the lives of your audience.


Avoid creating content that sounds like your only goal is to market products or service, and you are the salesperson. Such type of content leaves people with the kind of feeling they are being sold to.

The Main Subject

You need to figure out the main subject you are going to focus on and specialise in on your website. Is it a make money niche? If it is a make money niche, then aim to deliver your topic in a way for it to rank well in search engines.

You can achieve this by creating compelling content that’s worth linking to and worth sharing. In addition, aggregate lots of high-value content on one page and make it compelling but easily understood by Google (SEO).

3. Connection

This is the information your regular readers look up to you for their solutions. Such type of content that connects is written in a highly engaging way. That makes it fun, shocking and perhaps, entertaining. Does your content compel your readers to pay attention and share with their friends and colleagues?

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