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Using Upwork As A Freelancer

My ‘Upwork Review’ is intended to explore ways to make money online. If you’re looking for genuine work from home jobs, Upwork is the platform to join. However,  some of the work from home jobs have dead ends, so should be picky.

There are scams out there that are not as genuine as they promise. In this review, I’, going to demystify the myth, Upwork platform is a scam, by revealing information I have widely researched.

Jobs working from home on computer
Joining the Upwork freelancer platform, is something worthy considering to working from home on computer. I will walk you through the steps on how you can join and how the programme works.

The most burning question on people’s minds is Upwork legit or a scam? Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this review, you will be in the loop to make your own decision, whether to join the Upwork platform or not to join because its not your cup of tea.

Working on Upwork – Is Upwork safe?

Upwork is an online platform. It attracts a steady pool of skilled freelancers to do project work working from home.

On Upwork you find 2 distinct types of freelancers:

  • Individual freelancers
    These are self-employed individuals including small companies (providing the same service) that join Upwork looking to work on their own.
  • Agencies
    These are mostly companies and freelancers with their employees that join Upwork to tackle projects together.

In this light, Upwork is a meeting place for both employers and employees.

Employers join Upwork to look for freelancers they can hire to give them support for project work.

Upwork welcomes all independent professionals and agencies to join its community.

Using Upwork As A Freelancer

Freelancers are contracted to provide a wide range of services. It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you come from, be it the USA or  Zambia. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

You’re able to find freelance opportunities on Upwork, depending on your business needs. Upwork registers freelancers to work in any of the following job roles:

Android Developer; Bookkeeper; Content Writer; Copywriter; Customer Service Representative; Database Administrator;Data Scientist; Facebook Developer; Front-End Developer; Game Developer; Graphic Designer; Information Security Analyst; iOS Developer; Java Developer; Logo Designer; Mobile App Developer; PHP Developer; Python Developer; Resume Writer; Sales Consultant; SEO Expert; Social Media Manager; Software Developer; Software Engineer; Technical Writer; UI Designer; UX Designer; Virtual Assistant; Web Designer; WordPress Developer; Writer. 

How to get paid on Upwork – As a Freelancer

STEP 1 – Register to become a member
There are two forms of membership to choose from and you’re FREE to change your membership at a later stage.

  • Freelancer Basic Membership plan
    For FREE.
  • Freelancer Plus membership plan
    For $10.00 every month, comes with premium benefits which cover everything else that is in the Freelancer Basic.

STEP 2 – Use Upwork Freelancer Guide
The Upwork Freelancer Guide will walk you through the process step by step. It explains everything you need to know to operate well on the platform.

What’s covered in the Guide?

  • Sign up and select a membership plan.
  • Set up your payment option:  Necessary for getting ready to get paid. Choose how you want to be paid.
  • Use Upwork Messages: Upwork has a reliable communication system in place that allows smooth flow of information. Freelancers are able to collaborate and sync with clients, manage and organize discussions. Communication is done promptly, which is key to any business.
  • Create your profile
    You are encouraged to build a great profile that is complete, accurate, and gives a true picture of your skills, services and accomplishments.

A freelancer’s profile is the only tool to market services a freelancer offer to potential clients. If you have no clue, Upwork will give you some ideas on how to make a great first impression through sample profiles. A good profile should fully expose your skills and indicate your desired hourly pay rate.

Freelancer Complaints
Employers evaluate freelancers by reviewing their Upwork profiles. Having this at the back of your mind helps you understand that your profile is your secret weapon to YOUR SUCCESS.

To make your profile stand out include key things such as work experience, Client feedback and Skills test scores.

  • Finding work and submitting proposals.
  • Fixed-price vs. hourly projects.
  • Skill Tests
    Prove your skills and impress your potential clients by taking a few Upwork tests for free! The more relevant tests you pass, the more professional you will look. The test scores get displayed on your profile. If you are not happy with your test score you are allowed to retake until you are pleased with your results:)

Pros / Cons – Is Upwork a waste of time?

The amazing thing on Upwork is you get to make money online working  from home or working from anywhere. As long as you have a computer and internet connection.

With all remote jobs, you are free from all the hassles to do with commuting to work. As well as having the opportunity to meet people from other parts of the globe you would never have met.

Upwork is investing a lot of time and effort in making the platform have the best user experience. Whoever designed the Freelancer Guide is a genius! It contains everything a freelancer should know about, covers job searching; writing job proposals, how to submit your proposal to the employer, how to communicate with employers leading to the interview stage, where you discuss how you will do the job, time frames and writing a job contract (fixed – contract or a hourly contract).

The Desktop App is a smart tool for tracking your contracted time. Upon completing the job you get your time sheets so that the employer processes your payment. The payment takes note of Upwork Fees and PayPal fees. So, you need to have this in mind and include it in your bids.

Upwork has a reliable Payment Protection programme in place. If there is anything that causes a freelancer not to sleep at night, is the uncertainty of getting paid. Thankfully, Upwork has worked on that side of things.

As a freelancer, you work having peace of mind knowing that after delivering the work you have been contracted to do, you are going to GET PAID.

Upwork charges service fees of 20% / 10% / 5% are calculated out of the amount billed to the client. One disadvantage that can arise, is when you charge the client excluding service fees. This will result in reduction in the amount you ultimately get paid. In other words, you will be underpaid.

Writing a winning proposal for project bids comes with practice even if you still use the Freelancer Guide. It can be extremely challenging when you are still at the beginner’s stage. It gets worse, considering as a new freelancer, you’re not yet in a position to have accrued high ratings to display on your profile, making it hard to attract clients. 

Being a newbie has disadvantages since employers look out for freelancers who are in the Top Rated and Rising Talent programs. You can’t have these qualities unless you have been on Upwork for a while.

Upwork Training and Support 

What makes the Upwork experience so exciting is the welcome you get as a new freelancer. You are given a downloadable Freelancer’s Guide  that explains everything about getting started, membership, how to bid for jobs, writing proposals and the interview process including the contract process (fixed-price or hourly contracts).

Upwork also provides training resources in the form of Tests and Videos. Freelancers are recommended to use them for their own advantage. For instance, Upwork has set several tests for freelancers to enhance their skills for free. Below I have listed a handful of tests freelancers get to choose to take: 

  •  English Spelling Test
  • Telephone Etiquette Certification
  • Internet Marketing Test
  • Bookkeeping Test
  •  Virtual Assistant Skills Test
  • SEO Test 

Upwork Webinar Training

Upwork introduced webinars for training newbie freelancers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. One of the groundbreaking areas is learning how to write Proposals That Sell.

Final Verdict

Upwork takes safety measures seriously to avoid spammers from taking advantage of freelancers. From time to time, Upwork pops up reminder messages to encourage all communications with clients to be done and concluded on Upwork platform. Freelancers get support from the Customer Support team 24/7.

My final verdict is the Upwork freelance platform is legit. I give it a score of 8 out of 10. It is not a GET RICH QUICK scheme, but real platform you can find work or go source for help for your project.

You may not be interested in becoming a freelancer writer but prefer to outsource writing services. There is no harm in taking a look to see what’s on offer on Upwork platform.

You may not want to join Upwork but want to pursue your passions to earn money online working independently, my advice is to take a great ONLINE BUSINESS COURSE. I’ve taken most of the lessons and I highly recommend Affiliate Bootcamp course taught by Kyle, a world famous internet mentor (who actually gives you personal feedback).

Hopefully, my review of the Upwork platform has clearly given you a picture of what it feels like to be on the platform as a freelancer. Please feel free to share your views and ask me if you need anything clarified.







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  • Thank you, so much for revealing that Upwork platform is a genuine place to find work from home jobs as well as outsourcing services.
    Knowing it’s not a scam answers the burning question I had prior to reading your post. Your post has made me realise that joining the Upwork platform is something I would like to seriously consider. I am now in the picture of what goes on.
    I guess it will be easy for me to get settled since I now know what it takes to make a successful career on the platform.

    • Hello, thanks so much for the feedback. I am really pleased to hear that you found my post informative and as a result, you have managed to make an informed decision to join the Upwork platform.
      All the best!
      Take as many tests as possible so that you have a profile that stands out.Also, make sure your profile gets you the right clients. You can achieve this by narrowing down the jo you will be doing. For example, instead of saying you are going to give administrative support, be specific.
      Is it data input or transcribing recordings your speciality?
      Thanks again for your time.

  • Thank you, Femia for this article you have shared. I have gained a lot of information and ways of working on UpWork.
    I am interested in joining and will take your advice to narrow down my skills set. Instead, of trying to be a Jake of all trades, I will focus on 1 area of specialty.
    I am pleased Upwork is one of the legit programmes where I can work online.

    • Hello, thank you for taking your time to leave me some really insightful comments.
      I am very pleased that you found my Upwork Review informative and you benefited from reading it.
      I have been on Upwork for some years and I discovered if you do not narrow down specific skills you specialise in it’s not easy to get clients.

  • Thank you very much, Femia, for writing such an in-depth Upwork Review which has given me a full picture of what goes on Upwork.
    I am aware that most business operations are shifting to the internet these days. I also want to earn money online but I do not think I can meet all my living costs being on Upwork since it takes time to have a sound client base.
    Can you explain the benefits of the Online Business Course you recommended at the end? Is it FREE for real?

    • Hello, thanks so much for sparing your time to leave some really valuable comments.
      I am pleased you gained something from the Upwork Review I have written.
      I understand your concerns about being able to get clients to make enough money that will sustain you daily and meet all your needs.
      If I were in your situation, I would still join Upwork and work as and when I get clients. At the same time, I would also join the online business course.
      I am honest with you, the online business course is for FREE unless if you decide to upgrade later. The advantage of taking this course is you will learn how to build a lasting business on the internet.
      The benefits include:
      (1) Having an opportunity to network with like-minded business people.
      (2) Promote Wa products and get paid through commisions.
      (3) Your business will grow and will start to generate an income.

  • While this is interesting, I doubt that there’s actually a whole lot of money in this. I think it’s good for building a second income stream online as long as you’re still willing to carry out the work, but it’s not going to change your life. It’s a great way to get started making money online, though, and could potentially be something that someone who’s never made a penny online before could get into to get started.

    • Hello, Jack, thank you so much for sparing your time to leave some awesome comments.
      I completely agree with you on the fact there is not a whole lot of money that one gets from working on the Upwork platform.
      However, it serves a purpose in the event you want to earn some cash to help yourself out in terms of paying the bills while your internet business is still growing.
      Joining the Upwork platform is one way of increasing one’s ways of making money online but not earning much. It’s hand to mouth type of money.
      Once again, many thanks.

  • I have heard about UpWork which is how I landed on your post.
    Thank you for this information as I have been thinking about outsourcing for content writing.
    I appreciate that you have given us the cost to be a freelancer with UpWork.
    I didn’t see an estimation as to what the charges might be for outsourcing. Would you be able to provide me the details on this? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Lee Ann

    • Thank you so much, Lee, for sparing your time to leave some valuable comments.
      I am glad you found my review of Upwork informative and that you need more information on getting help through outsourcing.
      It is quite tricky to determine how much a freelancer on Upwork platform will charge you.
      What happens is after posting a job to tell Upwork about your project, Upwork staff quickly match you with the right freelancers. These freelancers are already rated on their profiles and they charge different hourly rates. For example, a Local SEO Specialist with 100% job success charges $100.00 hourly rate.
      Whereas, a Virtual Assistant/Data Encoder/Web Researcher with 100 % job success charges $ 5.00 hourly rate. A Writer, Researcher & Admin charges $9.20 Hourly rate.
      The employer who is outsourcing freelance support has to browse freelancers’ profiles, reviews, and proposals before choosing the top candidates to interview.
      Then he will hire a favourite who will begin work on the project.
      Hopefully, that answers your question. 


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