Ultimate Make Money Online Guide For Beginners


A Guide For Finding Ways To Make Money Online

Hi Future Online Earner!

Thank you for reading my free Ultimate Make Money Online Guide for Beginners. I hope you will learn a few things and find answers to some of you your questions as a beginner.

Through this guide, I intend to give you the big picture of several ways out there you could try to make money online. This will give you the confidence to take action in the right direction. Most importantly, knowing what you are doing.


Let’s get this guide started!


My Background

My name is Femia. Zegu is my pen name. My journey to start making money online began the time I started using the computer as a university student. Since then, I have been searching for opportunities to make money online.

Born and bred in Harare with limited opportunities to advance myself to become self-employed, I have travelled this journey for long. I’ve tried many income-generating projects over the years. Sadly, the ones I came across were all scams.

The good side of the coin is, while I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the process, I’ve also learned some valuable lessons from the painstaking years of searching.

  • I learned how to build a website.
  • I learned how to run an internet business
  • I learned how to blog for a living
  • I learned how affiliate marketing works. 


In this guide, I will share with you what I discovered really works in today’s world of online businesses plus some hints and tips on scammers out there.

I’ve come a long way. My initial goal was to live my dream, become a boss of my own – be self-employed running a profitable business online doing what I love doing.


Coming This Far Wasn’t Easy

While waiting for the right windows to open, I had to run around to earn a living. That saw me joining the civil service where I initially worked as an administrator before branching into social research.

My world completely changed the time I became a mother. Parenthood equipped me with skills, and one of them is being able to juggle work with raising 2 sons. Years later, I moved to live in the UK but that did not quench my quest to continue searching for legit ways to make money online.  

Why I’ve Written This Guide? 

The reason is I’ve written a simple guide is to help folks like yourself build a successful internet business with a solid foundation. Also, to share my experiences from the time I joined a training platform online, Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I have 100% trust in its training programme. I believe its the best programme that can help you to get there.  

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate Marketing is the process where an affiliate (you) promotes products or services online for merchants like Amazon. This can only be done through an affiliate programme. Therefore, you need to join one or several programmes in your niche.

The company (merchant) you join will give you a special link or banners to display on your website so that you can promote its products for commissions. The affiliate marketing model has immense potential for taking your internet business to an elevated level.

To clearly explain how online affiliate marketing works, I will take you on a tour of various affiliate marketing programmes you can take advantage of and make A LOT of money.

The opportunities are so vast. Approximately, there are 3.75 BILLION people online. Regardless of what type of business you choose, you can be very successful.  Also, the future of e-commerce is promising. 

An Everyday Example – How A Business Works

I will give you an everyday example to explain how affiliate marketing works i.e. the housing construction analogue.

If you are planning to build your own house that will stand, it must be built on a sturdy foundation.

Similarly, your affiliate marketing business must be built on a solid foundation. The foundation I’m referring to are the preliminary steps you must take before you can join any affiliate marketing programme.

To have your online business up and running, you should have access to the following:

(1) Training / Education

(2) A Website

(3) Expert Help.



Choose Something Relevant to Your Niche
If the word niche is not familiar, you are better off reading Find Your Niche. To start your search for affiliate networks that offer products within your niche, type into the search engine box these words:


diaper bags + affiliate programme.


The search will bring out pages related to diaper bag affiliate programs.


As for your next step, pick a few affiliate programmes you are interested in and then sign up to join. For example, Mom Hustler Affiliates. You are given a unique affiliate ID which will be part of your links and banners you are going to add to your website. 


A Word of Caution!

Avoid making hasty decisions that will not only cost you money but cause you to regret the rest of your life. It’s very important to do some research first before you sign up. Find out how the programme works. Knowing the pros and cons of an affiliate programme will also save you a lot of hassles.



Affiliate Marketing Programmes Search Results  

How Do I Know f An Affiliate Marketing Programme Is A Scam? 

Reviews are a reliable source of information. Find reviews left by customers after using a product or service. Avoid signing up to join affiliate programmes without having a full picture of its agreement terms; if it works for you or will pay you enough commissions.


Where Can I Find Genuine Affiliate Marketing Programmes?

I am going to look at the products I have researched about and those I joined. Bear in mind that for these programmes to work for you, it all depends on your niche. Go for products that are in your niche.


(1) CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) specializes in pay-for-performance programs for businesses around the world. The CJ Network connects to a wide range of online consumers by facilitating partnerships between advertisers and publishers. To join you simply apply and start making money online through affiliate sales.


(2) Amazon Associates 

Amazon is one of the giants
platforms that allow website owners to join for FREE and create Amazon links. The affiliate marketing programme for those living in the UK uses this Amazon link.


How Does It Work? When a visitor clicks through the links on your website and buys products from Amazon, you earn commission fees. You can earn up to 10% in advertising fees with this trusted e-commerce leader’s affiliate program. Amazon has over a million products to choose from. For more information, read  Amazon Affiliate Marketing


(3) Clickbank
Clickbank partners with digital marketers who sell its products to over 200 million customers around the globe. When you join Clickbank you can earn commissions as high as 75% because it pays some of the highest commissions. All you need to do is to choose the products you want to promote. 

Clickbank’s online marketplace has a vast range of products you can choose from. The chances are you will find offers in your niche you to earn money from.


(4) Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to have access

to promoting several of its products. The WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is one of the most sought-after products to promote.

How does it work?
If you achieve 300 Premium Referrals you earn an invitation to hang out with the founders and all costs will be paid for you. Other products also good to promote are the Jaaxy Research Keyword Tool and the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.


(5) ShareASale
ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network with an advanced affiliate marketing platform you have to join to gain access to its merchants. You will receive commissions for sending merchant authorized sales, leads and clicks via your Links. 

How it works? Join first a merchant with products you want to promote to get links, you will place on your website. 


(6) Name Cheap
Namecheap is a provider of domain registration, SSL and web hosting services. When you join the Namecheap affiliate programme you earn a commission every time a new customer makes their first purchase with Namecheap through your link.


(7) Making Money Blogging

An increasing e-commerce presence these days implies we are also having an increase in blogging sites. Those who write top-notch content that stands out get noticed. There is never been an opportune time to start blogging than right now.


How Much Money Can I Make from Affiliate Marketing?

This is the most frequently asked question. The affiliate marketing model works. However, your earnings highly dependent on your marketing skills and how hard you are willing to work to succeed.

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