The Best Way On How To Make Money Online From Home

Tried and tested legit work from home jobs

Are you tired of being scammed and looking for genuine ways to make money online? In this post, I intend to explain the best way on how to make money online from home. 

The world is constantly changing and we’re now living in a digital era. More people are turning to the internet for help.

It’s now the right time to position yourself to make money online (internet).

Not everyone is ready to start an internet business but that doesn’t stop you from making money online. Legit work from home jobs is the best alternative.

Internet businesses - The gateway to making money online

What if starting an internet business is not my cup of tea? You can still make money online with work from home jobs.

if you are not yet ready to start internet businesses, the other option is to find legit work from home jobs.

The advantage of work from home jobs is that they’re flexible to work anywhere even in the comfort of your own home. 

Other ways to make money online from home

We’ve already seen that starting an internet is not the only gateway to financial freedom.

To start a business and make it grow to stand on its own feet takes time, perseverance and patience.

This leaves us with another question. Is there any alternative way to make money online?

The best and practical way is to find legit work from home jobs that will help you to fill financial gaps you may be having. 

The business start-up phase can not be completed overnight. It’s a time to run around putting things in place and forking out a lot of money.

Finding diverse streams of income will certainly help you get on your feet and to earn extra money for the bills.

Beware of Scammers!

If you were to search for work from home jobs on the internet you will be surprised by how saturated the internet is.

Scammers have not been slow to act. They have swiftly moved in to take advantage of the unsuspecting job seekers.

A Word of Caution
Take extra caution when you’re doing your search for work from home jobs on the internet. Do all the necessary checks before you jump in to sign up for any programme.

Don’t Become Part Of The Statistics.
Most people have unwittingly signed up for money-making programmes and have fallen in the hands of scammers. Be vigilant not to become part of the statistics.

Good News - I've Done The Research For You!

The good news is I’ve already done the assignment for you to make the task easier for you.

I have done the digging. Guess what, I’ve managed to unearth a handful of legit work from home jobs. Try them and see how it goes.

What do you mean by legit work from home jobs?

Legit work from home jobs is the ones that have been tried and tested. I’ve personally used the platforms included in this post. So, I can confidently share with you my findings.

What it feels like to be a freelancer at Upwork

Get Started to Work From Home

Have you ever worked from home on the Upwork platform? Don’t worry, if you have no clue. I’ve been on the platform and had enjoyable experiences.

To me, the most important thing was the moment I discovered Upwork is a legit work from the home platform where people get paid for doing piece-jobs.

This is what it feels like to be freelance on Upwork online platform

Upwork is a wonderful place to find clients who are going to pay you for the type of service you do for them.

There is a wide range of job roles you can pick from including Web Research, Data Entry, Customer Service, Academic Writing and Research, Virtual Assistant, Web Design and Content Writing, Content Editing and Proofreading.

A freelancer on iWriter platform

iWriter is another legit work from home platform to work writing website content.

Are you passionate about writing?
Do you have an internet connection? If you tick the boxes for these questions, then this job is perfect for you. It’s a job where you will be working at a computer in the comfort of your own home. 

Getting Started –  iWriter Freelancer
All you need is to sign up for a free account. You must have at hand all necessary details for your PayPal accounts, your email address and telephone number.

During your initial days, you may find the payments not that attractive. As long as you remain steadfast and continue to write original content, eventually, you will rise to become part of the highly paid freelance writers at iWriter.

Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make - iWriter

Your success as a freelance writer will be very limited if you choose to work as a jack of all trades. To avoid falling into such a pitfall, make up your mind to decide which niche you want to specialise in.

Writing in almost every niche will not help you refine your skills, which is an essential attribute for good writers.

The more specialized you are, the better you become in delivering a perfect product. Once you have reached such a high level of specialisation, you will not struggle with getting clients. 

Ways to make money online

What Does A Clickworker Do?
A click worker performs various writing jobs online ranging from translating, researching and data processing.

To join the Clickworker team of workers firstly, sign up. Creating an account comes with completing a profile. Things to add to your Upwork profile include your skills, hobbies and work experience.

You’re ready to start work independently the moment you complete your profile and finish your assessments. The assessment determines the jobs suitable for you.

Type of Jobs at Clickworker

Pick jobs you are capable of doing. The good thing is you can complete these tasks in your own time.

You will be fine as long as you have a personal computer with a reliable Internet connection.

Clickworker Promotion Offer
You also can earn extra cash through referrals. Did you know for each new Clickworker you refer and earns EUR 10.00 you will also earn EUR 5.00?

Worldwide 101 Jobs

Worldwide 101 Jobs
Worldwide101 is an international virtual assistant company where you connect with clients in North America and Europe.

To get a virtual assistant job you have to apply online by completing a form. One outstanding benefit of joining Worldwide 101 Jobs the opportunity to do jobs that challenge you.

Jobs where you use your brains but with no pressure that spills over to your family life.

Affiliate programs allow you to promote their products without creating any product yourself. 

Meaning you can join an affiliate programme without visiting the workplace to do the actual work.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most paying affiliate programmes you can promote. Once you become an affiliate member you get access to its training programme.

The training covers a wide range of business courses including how to market the products and building your own website for FREE.

Each time you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate you earn a commission. If that person remains as a member for 5 years, you will make earnings of over $1000.00 just for a single referral.

For more information about the best business model to use to make money online Checkout.

 Language Line Solutions
Language Line Solutions is another employer looking for Professional Interpreters. Line Solutions welcomes applications from people from all around the world. If your desire is to make a difference by providing the best service in interpreting, translating, testing and training solutions, you are the perfect candidate to join.

Gengo is another trustworthy company that is actively hiring translators on a worldwide scale.

8. also hires writers to work from home.

Join Appen Company
Appen works with global technology companies to improve and optimize their products for users worldwide. This includes social media platforms, search engines, voice recognition systems, and eCommerce sites.

Appen became a publicly listed company in 1996 and has an international team that works in over 130 countries and in more than 180 languages. 

Appen offers work from home opportunities with a flexible time that are short-term projects as well as full-time corporate opportunities.

The type of roles at Appen to work from home include Web Search Evaluator, Linguist, Crowd-sourcing, Social Media Evaluator,  Project Assistant, Pronunciation Specialist and Transcriber.

Geographical Location Matters

What I discovered from my search for legit work from home jobs is the majority are based in the USA. In some cases, only the residents are eligible to apply.

I advise you to do thorough research to get more information on the website offering legit work from home jobs.

Get to the organisation’s contact page. Reach out to the Customer Service team for additional information in areas you need clarification.

My research results

I gathered this information about legit work from home jobs being a participant observer in most of the platforms listed below. 

  1. Upwork
  2. Namecheap
  3. iWriter
  4. Studypool
  5. Clickbank
  6. Paid Surveys (participated at Prolific)
  7. Wealthy Affiliate
  8. Namecheap

Feel free to bookmark this post as I will be updating it regularly for you to access fresh information about work from home jobs.

Hopefully, this will help you find ways to make money online that work for you.  Feel free to leave any questions below in relation to Legit Work From Home Jobs. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I cam.


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