The Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Revealed

Knowing The Benefits Makes Premium Membership Exciting

I started with a FREE membership on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The moment I realised I was in safe hands and that this was a legitimate programme, I did not waste time procrastinating. I upgraded to premium membership.

Who would want to miss the benefits that come with premium membership?

To unlock all the outstanding features that are available on WA, you have to upgrade to premium. 

Price For Premium


1st Month $ 19.00
Monthly Premium Membership$ 49.00
Yearly Premium Membership$ 359.00

WA has different payment options in place to choose from. The first-month payment is $ 19.00 since WA gives you a discount.

What Makes Premium Membership The Best Option

You get taught everything from building a website, driving traffic, and making money! What makes it exciting is that the training is so easy to follow step-by-step.

Did You Know Not Everyone Benefits From The Premium Membership?

To get the most out of your premium membership you MUST take advantage of all the training offered.

The only downfall that comes is when you fail to fully commit yourself to the training.

We all know that the result is obvious. It delays your progress which is crucial for your success.

Without wasting much time let me delve into premium membership features.

Premium Membership - What's On Offer?

  1. Unlike 10 lessons for FREE Starter Membership, Premium membership gives you access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses plus access to all levels of training in the Certification Course including the Affiliate Bootcamp.
  2. Also, you are free to use the Affiliate Bootcamp to promote WA. This Bootcamp course has 7 courses and 70 lessons.
  3. Unlimited access to a very supportive community of members. You get help and support from almost a million members from all over the world.
  4. With no doubt, you need a helpful community around you 24/7.

    Anytime you get stuck, you are welcome to ask questions. You’re guaranteed full access to the community!

    Whenever you do not understand anything,  you are free to ask and assured of getting answers from the members.
    Even WA owners, Kyle and Carson, are on hand to assist.

    What I love most is the way WA training is delivered. It is conducted both using video, text lessons and weekly webinars –  LIVE classes on various topics to enhance your success.

Writing a blog post on progress

As a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, you are expected to write blog posts to communicate with fellow community members about your progress or lack of it including your experiences as you move on with the training programme while building your internet business.

Your blog posts will help you to connect with the community as well as to build relationships.

Blogs written on the WA platform get quick indexing by the search engines.

Community members will give you feedback on anything you blog about. As a result, you end up having a lot of ideas! 

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

The biggest issues new beginners get bogged down with include the following.
(a) How to start 
(b) How to build a website.

At WA you are able to create a website in 4 steps in just under a minute. WA’s easy SiteBuilder platform makes it a walk over.

 Free Unlimited Website Hosting!

Before your website is visible to the online world, you need hosting. Any cheap hosting providers would offer you plans starting from $5-$10 a month per website.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate, hosting is included in your monthly membership. Not only do you get free hosting, but you also get free hosting for an unlimited amount of websites.
  2. WA hosting service will give you easy access to your website plus some of the best hosting help. When you build your website using the SiteBuilder, it comes preinstalled with WordPress and some essential tools you’ll need to succeed!

 Keyword Research Tool

At your disposal is a free WA keyword tool to research keywords that rank in search engines to attract tonnes of free traffic to your site!

Don’t worry if you have never used a Keyword Research Tool before, WA runs several lessons and also a classroom devoted to training Keyword research.

  1. Site Comments and Site Feedback 
    It is the most powerful platform in the world where you get website comments and also offer comments.

    Engagement through comments on your website is a key component for you to rank in Google and the other search engines. 

    Nowhere else in the world do you get a platform like SiteComments where you can get real comments, from real people interested in your type of website. This is only available at

  2. The truth is search engines love to see content with tons of user engagement (comments, shares, etc.)

    You can use the site comments tool to jump-start your search rankings driving more traffic and earning you more money!


After you have completed 3 months on WA platform you are now eligible to create your own training tutorials. The idea is you will get paid as long as you achieve the set target of scores expected.

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You can see above the training I also created. By the way,  you are free to use a pen name. Mine happens to be ZEGU:)

Affiliate Members  - Case Studies

Real People Stories

  1. Its human nature to want to know if it’s REALLY possible to make a lucrative income out of the WA training.


    Here is just a tip of the iceberg of success stories I have come across. and this shows that the WA platform is what people say it is.
    WA o
    nline business course will equip you with all you need to start a small business online and to succeed in a remarkable way.

Like I said earlier, this is just a tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t reflect the exhaustive list of success stories that are on the ground. 

The Benefits In A Nutshell

  1. Building and Hosting
    Build and host 25 WordPress websites on your own domain without forking out extra money.
  2.  SiteRubix
    Build and host 25 WordPress websites on SiteRubix sub-domain for FREE.
  3.  Themes & Plugins
    Access over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add-on plugins.
  4.  SSL Certificates
    Free SSL Certificates for better encryption with your own domain.
  5. Domain Name
    You can buy your own domain names from within the WA platform.
  6. Technical  Support
    24/7 throughout the year direct access to Technical Support.
  7. Spam Protection
    SiteProtect – full protection against comment spam without the use of a plugin.
  8. Virus & Malware
    Virus and malware protection for safer websites.
  9. SiteSpeed
    SiteSpeed which increases the loading speed of all your website pages and posts.
  10. SEO
    Lessons about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
  11.  Social Media
    Learn the importance of Social Media Marketing.
  12. Site Content
    Do you have problems creating your content? SiteContent makes content creation easier.
  13.  Spell Check
    Grammar, spelling and plagiarism checkers within SiteContent.
  14. Free Images
    Access to 1,000,000+ free to use images.
  15. Content Builder
    Easy to use Content Builder that guides you create content using a template and directly upload it to your website! 
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If you’ve any questions in relation to this post, ‘The Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Membership Revealed, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to come back to you as soon as I can.

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