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Rating: 4 out of 5
Owner: Prolific Academic Ltd
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Introduction: Prolific is an online platform (marketplace) that connects both academic researchers and non-academic researchers (industry) with instant research participants from all over the world.

In writing this Prolific Surveys Review, I intend to leave you fully informed in case you want to join and get paid doing online surveys.

On Prolific, researchers get the opportunity to collect quick responses with the help of participants.

Also, participants earn cash rewards for taking part in the research.

Prolific’s aim is to empower great research through fast, reliable and large-scale data collection.

The Secret Behind Prolific Success

Prolific engineers great research by connecting researchers with participants from all over the world.

Prolific seems to be growing fast as a company. Its worldwide researchers conduct an estimation of one thousand studies a month with the help of approximately 1 million participant responses.

Prolific Different Forms of Research

  1. Behavioural research
    Is intended to have a deep understanding of how people around the world feel, think and behave
  2. User researches
    To learn why and how users use products and how the product could be improved.
  3. Market researches
    To get an insight into the needs and wants of customers and market trends.


The on-demand software platform is the right place to be to participate in paid surveys.

Prolific is one of the best survey sites around. You can make money online on its platform in a  legitimate way.

You get paid real money for taking part in surveys unlike on other platforms were participants are rewarded with vouchers. 

Prolific will pay you via a PayPal account. Before your payment comes through, you have to wait for your submission to be approved first by the researcher.

How long does Prolific take to pay?  ways to make money online
It takes a few days and at times it takes longer for the researcher to review your study before any reward is credited to your account. 
Did you know that Prolific doesn’t charge any fees on your cash out? 

Prolific Earnings 

Prolific’s payment system is easy to use because of its clear guidelines. For example, as a participant, you must have a PayPal email to be able to cash out instantly via PayPal each time you reach £5 in your account.

Long-term Job Opportunities on Prolific?

Depending on the nature of research you’re participating, some organisations extend their research surveys such that they are delivered in phases. They may want to use the same participants in all the phases.

One unique aspect about Prolific surveys is that they involve studies that are actually interesting.

You are guaranteed of making prolific earnings after participating and this gives peace of mind.

Yet, on other survey platforms elsewhere, you get screened out when you’re just halfway through.

Surveys on Prolific pay a minimum of £5 per hour and participants getting screened out, is unheard of at Prolific.

The process to start data collection is so easy on Prolific and takes only 5 minutes. The system in place easily integrates with any survey software.

High Quality Participants

Prolific has a high-quality participant pool which is profiled and fast to get the job done. A study is completed in under 2 hours.

It gives peace of mind that on Prolific you sign up for free at any anytime   to join 45,000 participants and start earning in minutes. Best time prolific studies

Prolific Academic is the world's largest crowdsourcing community of people who love science. Researchers post studies and recruit the right participants fast. Participants earn rewards while helping to advance human knowledge. Our mission statement: "Prolific empowers great research. We enable fast, reliable, and high quality data collection by connecting diverse people around the world. Our mission is to make trustworthy data more accessible in order to help improve human knowledge and decision-making."
Ways to make money online
Prolific official site


Gathering from reviews, some participants go for days without surveys allocated to them. 

Such a situation is inevitable because participants are filtered by 100+ demographic screeners (e.g. sex, age, nationality, first language), create custom screeners, or to generate a UK representative sample.

Some studies have eligibility criteria where only certain demographics are required. For example, 20-30-year-old female Engineer students from the UK, just to give an example.

You don’t have to lose heart if you are not eligible for studies currently available because new studies are posted regularly. Patience is key.

Who can participate in Prolific Academic?

Anyone can sign up at Prolific for free to participate in academic studies. The only hiccup for some is that, participants are required to verify their  email addresses and phone numbers before they can take part!

Type of studies to deal with on Prolific online platform

There is a broad range of surveys.

  • Games or studies about scientific research
  • New products or public opinion.

The time spend varies from minutes to hours and to multi-part studies over long periods. Its up to the participant what studies to take part in.

Prolific is a perfect platform for you to get involved in a fast-moving startup and you’ll have huge influence over the trajectory of the product and help taking it to the next level.

Join Prolific To Be Part
Of Its Mission
To Improve Human Knowledge.
Researchers want to understand
how people feel,  
think and behave.
On Prolific you get paid cash
for taking part in engaging research
(no silly points or prize draws).
No PhDs required!


The Final Verdict

The most exciting thing about being on Prolific is that its a legit platform make Prolific earnings doing paid surveys.

The systems in place are just fantastic. You do surveys with so much ease and get paid expeditiously.

If you have any questions in relation to this post, Prolific Surveys Review please leave them below. I will be glad to come back to you with a response at the earliest possible time.

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