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Ridiculous Facts About Your Business Life-cycle


I know exactly what you are thinking, ‘What’s the apple tree has to do with ways to make money online – how is it linked to my affiliate marketing business?” I don’t blame you for asking this question. If I were in your shoes I would ask the exact question. The analogue of the apple tree may seem far-fetched but serves a good lesson. The apple tree life cycle perfectly reflects what goes behind the scenes in every business life cycle. 


Who would think the apple tree you see on the picture, (now bearing fruits) started off as a packet of seeds bought from B & Q store. The journey the tree has travelled from being a seed to a tree cannot be taken lightly. It took days and months of painstaking watering and nurturing the plant. This had to be done continuously for the plant to survive and grow.


“Why Do Online Businesses Fail?” We frequently hear this question being asked from time to time in business circles. There are two attributes we can point fingers at.

(1) Lack of patience

(2) Not having a full insight into what it takes to run a business.


Everyone knows there are many causes of business failures but these two are the major causes. As the apple tree analogue reveals, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes before people begin to feel the presence of your business.


Is the failure stemming from entrepreneurs who go into business blindfolded? 


The answer is it’s actually the opposite of what happens. Most people start businesses with the right motive. They start with a clear vision of what they want to achieve. However, what is not clear is if they do realize that a business grows in the same way an apple tree grows. 


Can I Grow A Tree From A Mere Seed?


An apple tree doesn’t bear fruits overnight. It starts off as a seed which works its way down into the soil below it. This is the planting stage. We can say the journey is signalled the moment the seed gets buried under the soil. The plant’s growth starts soon after germination.


Germinating seed an illustration of a business cycle


By continuously watering your plant, the seed eventually germinates and continues to grow. At this level, your plant would be in a tender state. A time of its life cycle when its prone to diseases. A phase of uncertainty because the seedling is fragile and can break anytime. So, caution has to be taken to avoid breaking it. Growth continues. The plant finally reaches the mature tree stage. The tree then starts to produce flowers, a period when the tree is most productive. In summary, the plant cycle goes from Spreading Seeds; Germination;  Growth and Reproduction. 


Your online business

is built along a similar line. Most people quit too early because they are not patient enough to wait for the results. This is a phenomenon common among people with a microwave mentality. 


A microwave mentality is a kind of attitude which says if something can’t be done in 5 minutes or fewer it’s not worth doing. Looking at the apple tree, we know such a mindset is not progressive. In a real-life business situation, progress is not INSTANT. It makes a lot of sense when we hear stories of people who were taken advantage of by scammers. Simply because they believe they can start a business and start reaping the benefits overnight. 


Losing focus of the different stages a business goes through makes people lose hope. A business is different from a tree where you can actually see its physical progression. Therefore, your only survival lifeline is to BELIEVE that it will work out for you one day. Meanwhile, in the meantime keep nurturing your business and keep doing it consistently and continuously. 


How To Kill Time While You Are Waiting?


(1) Do everything you can to keep yourself busy. Engage yourself in writing SEO friendly content with the help of a useful tool known as the Research Keyword Tool. 


(2) Bear in mind your business is like an apple tree that needs watering and nurturing, so continue to write content in a consistent manner. 


(3) Venture into Legit Work From Home Jobs so that you earn some money to help you with the basics while waiting for your business to grow. 


What happens if you stop watering your plant? 


The plant will go through a withering process. All you need to understand is the fact your seedling can’t bear fruits at the seedling stage no matter how much you want to have fruits. Patience is the key. Just keep yourself busy and keep watering your plant. Also, ensure that your seedling doesn’t come to harm. There is so much you can work on while your business is growing: 


(1)  Start an email list. An email drip campaign (automated and sequential) is useful for building trust with your audience. The reaction you get from your audience will make you realise what your readers are looking for. And keep writing more content BUT content which is in line with your audience’s searches. 


(2) Create social media accounts to help you share your content and get noticed by searchers. 


(3) Keep yourself busy and without knowing it, your business will produce tangible results. 


Having full knowledge of your business cycle really helps to improve your attitude. You will do what it takes to sustain your business knowing that in the fullness of time you will harvest. Feel free to ask questions to leave comments below.


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