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Make money writing eBooks for kindle

Writing ebooks is one of many ways to make money online. The Guardian highlighted the debate around eBooks versus paperbacks. People acknowledged they found reading eBooks and paperbacks appealing, despite both having pros and cons.  I find eBooks and paperbacks both beneficial and still on-demand with enormous audiences.

The greatest concern is how to make money writing eBooks inexpensively. This is what this post is going to explore.

The best way is to write your book and publish it yourself under your name. Alternatively, you can outsource help to produce your ebook. Some people outsource eBook material and get it published and marketed for them.

eBooks are most popular with young people who seem to be switched on and move with times in using technology. eBooks seem a better option for most travellers with eBook readers.

An eBook reader is quite a handy accessory to use during extremely long flights that are compounded with stopovers. An eBook would give the much-needed escape from boredom and frustration that comes with long flights.

What’s the purpose of writing your eBook?
You may want to advise people or you simply want to have a voice. So, an eBook is that perfect channel for you to communicate your message across. As well as a place to address crucial issues that are close to your heart. An eBook will be that ideal platform for you to share information.

What Is An Ebook?
An eBook is an electronic downloadable book onto your computer or phone. Amazon has a Kindle Direct Publishing platform where authors can design and self-publish their eBooks. Amazon also has an eBook Reader Kindle, a small hand-held electronic device for reading books.

What a good eBook looks like
A good eBook should address at least one of the following key three things.

  1. The ability to solve a problem
  2. The ability to address a fear
  3. The ability to address curiosity. 

The most important thing is your eBook addresses any one of these. Is your eBook solving a problem, addressing a fear or does it satisfy people’s curiosity about a certain subject or debate?

Websites for Selling and Publishing eBooks

  1. Lulu Online self -publishing you can create, publish and sell your book for free.
  2.  At Amazon, you can self-publish your eBook including a paperback with Kindle Direct Publishing for free.
  3.  Nook press
  4. iTunes Producer for iBooks
  5. Kobo Writing Life

Create an eBook – How to get started?
Step 1 – Find a website
To start with, find a website where you will self-publish your eBook. Prioritise this because websites have their guidelines in place including resources authors can use to self-publish their eBooks.

The processes authors go through to self-publish at Lulu Company and Amazon.

STEP 2: eBook Writing Style
To comply with most eBook publishers, use a simple and straightforward style for writing your manuscript. The simpler your style is the better your eBook will look on an eReader device.

For example, if you choose to self-publish eBook with Amazon, you will use its platform called Kindle Direct Publishing. Such platforms enable you to create and manage your Kindle eBook, paperback and audiobooks.

Write content with a simplified structure to prepare your manuscript for conversion. A simplified structure carries an introduction, body (with chapters) and a conclusion.

Basic fonts are preferred and anything more complicated will result in the eBook converter failing to convert your manuscript.  Aerial and the New Times Roman are ideal and easy for conversion. Simple headings such as Headings 1, 2 and 3 are expected.

Depending on the website you choose to self-publish and sell your eBook, the main thing is to acquaint yourself with the tools the website offers and how to use them.

Some websites have tools for making eBook Covers, yet other sites have covers that are already designed. In some cases, authors bring covers they have already designed and all they need is to upload them. At times authors are free to get images with free royalties at Canvas

How to turn your manuscript into an eBook at Lulu

(1) At Lulu, you do everything yourself for free with the help of an eBook creator guide. The guide carries all the information you need on how to make an eBook.

(2) Lulu also has tips on formatting your manuscript.  Microsoft Word starting 2007+ is recommended. Lulu specifies the type of  Headings and characters that are acceptable including how to format your pages.

(3) The final stage is to convert your manuscript into an EPUB and make it available on all eReaders and tablets.

How to Prepare, Publish and Promote your eBook Using Kindle Create

(1) At Amazon, you use Kindle Create to transform your manuscript into a Kindle eBook. All you need to do is to upload your manuscript and Kindle Create will automatically form chapter titles, styling and a Table of Contents.

(2) Editing your Kindle eBook.

 (3) Publishing is done the moment you click the publish button to create a reflowable eBook.

 Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for free

Amazon eBook Readers

(1) eBook readers are the best devices designed for reading eBooks. The advantage is you can carry a thousand books at once with an eBook reader and able to access more using the device.

 (2) Amazon Kindle Paperwhite seems the most preferred judging from reviews left by Amazon customers.

 (3) If you don’t have a Kindle device, the Kobo Clara HD is the best options.

Marketing your eBook
Amazon has various ways and systems in place to help authors market their eBooks. If your budget is too small to meet promotional costs, there are alternative methods. Amazon’s Free Promotions and promoting your eBook through a third-party website.

However, you need to make sure the third-party sticks to Amazon’s agreed terms and conditions. You are free to self-advertise your eBook by distributing leaflets and flyers on social media: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Writing an eBook can be a walk in the park if you enjoy writing. If you feel writing is your passion, then go for it. There is enough evidence to prove that many authors have made real money from selling eBooks. Some can sell 500 copies a day from downloads.

It goes to show that selling eBooks is a way to make money online which works.

Amazon -Associate - eBook- link- on- your- website

The benefits are more than just monetary gains. Also, you will have a voice and ability to open up about a particular subject from your own heart. Besides, you can offer advice to someone who might be desperately in need of help. Apart from making money through sales, authors can explore other income opportunities. For instance, earning income from the book’s content through affiliate programmes like the Amazon Associate programme. Let’s say, you are an Amazon Associate, you can display your eBook link on your website and earn money whenever people buy the eBook.

How to Improve Your eBook Sales

(1) Make sure your eBook is of excellent quality. Although you can make money in the short term it’s not sustainable in the long run if your book quality is low.

(2) Try always to keep your costs to a minimum. Especially, if you are a newbie. Start with a short book with 10 – 30 pages, known as short reads. You can always improve the book over some time.

(3) The expected length of 200-page books is now a myth. Nowadays people want to read short but powerful books, right to the point and can change people’s lives.

(4) The publishing route has changed a lot. Amazon Kindle has changed the landscape to allow everyone on board and has the opportunity to self-publish. The market has shifted as well since most people online want things in shorter formats, short reads of
5 000 words.

 (5) The benefits of keeping your marketing costs low are if the book doesn’t sell, it will not have any detrimental effects on the author. However, If the book sells. you need to improve the book and evolve it so that it continues to sell.

Hopefully, this post will give you a picture on how to make money online writing eBooks. Please, feel free to ask any questions you might have below and share your own experiences in self-publishing an eBook.

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4 thoughts on “Make Money Writing eBooks

  1. Hello, Femia, thanks so much for the comprehensive walk through on writing an eBook.
    I have been following the debate on eBooks versus the paperback version. It seems paperbacks are slowly coming back and regaining their popularity.
    Having said that, I think the main point is writing eBooks is a way to make money online that works. There is an audience out there still interested in eBooks.
    i want to give it a go and write my eBook soon:)
    I am still considering which website platform to self-publish.

    1. Hello, thanks so much for taking your time not only to read my post on writing an eBook but for leaving some awesome comments.
      I am glad to hear that you are interested n this market of writing eBooks. Take your time.Research first the pros and cons of using various self-publishing websites including the ones I have mentioned in this post.
      All the best for your eBook project!
      I will be one of the first people to read it:)

  2. Thanks so much, Femia for this article. I have gained a lot in terms of knowledge you have shared. I now know the pros and cons of doing certain things in order to self-publish my eBook.

    I like what you said at the end that we should aim at starting small and expand as we go. Also, aiming to write quality eBooks. I agree with you that when we make effort to write good quality eBooks, we will generate income for years.

    Once again, many thanks!

    1. Hello, thanks so much for your time in reading my blog post and leaving very helpful comments.

      I am really pleased that you found the ebook information helping you in a way.

      I personally, prefer starting small by writing quick reads just to get the hang of it.

      I did not touch the marketing side of things, which I understand really needs much effort and networking.

      Keep checking for updates as marketing ebooks will be my next subject of focus.
      Many thanks for stopping by.

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