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A Low Competition Keyword Finder Unlocks The Secret To Your Online Success!

Most people who have succeeded in the online business world know that keywords unlock the secret. Picking the right keywords will create a successful traffic stream to your website. 

Most website owners are keen to boost their online presence. Let me assure you that the secret is in using a low competition keyword finder. This post will also show you the best keyword tool.

Getting Ready To Start Creating Content

There are 2 key things you should accomplish first before you start to create your beautiful content.

1. A Website

It may sound obvious, the first thing you must do without fail is to build a website. It is simple and straightforward if you do it with a good service provider.

2.To Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is a crucial element of the proven 4-step blueprint model for making money online.

Femia, how can I achieve this?

Its very easy to achieve, especially when you use a keyword research tool – a low competition keyword finder for creating useful information that your audience is searching for.

Writing relevant content for your visitors is key. One way of achieving this is to create content that informs, educates and guides your audience.

How are you going to achieve this?

It’s simple. You can do it by using a special tool called Low Competition Keyword Finder to create useful content for your audience.

Remember people visit your website to view your content. So, content is king.

Making use of a Low Competition Keyword Finder for your online writing will boost your content and make your site relevant to your visitors.

Content Creation Process

Aim to accomplish two things first. Then the stage of writing content should follow. What Are These 2 Things?

  1. First things first. You need to have a website, to begin with, because this is where you will work from. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a website that you own. As long as you have a website, where you can write your content from.

  2. You need to find your niche before you start thinking of creating content. A niche is your audience. To learn more about niches, my previous post Find Your Niche is worthy of reading.

Why Do You Need To Create Content? 

The moment you start adding posts and pages that are relevant to your visitors, it encourages them to stay on your website and read. Perhaps, they may return later and click on one of the links on your website to buy.

How A Low Competition Keyword Finder Come Into All This?

When you use a Keyword Search Tool, you will be able to provide your audience with worthwhile content.

What is a Keyword? 

A keyword is a word that defines your topic or the subject of discussion. In more specific terms, keywords are words or phrases that searchers enter into a search engine.

However, you need to make sure the keywords you choose are relevant to what people are searching so that your content stands a better chance to be discovered.

The ultimate result of using a keyword is your website will become visible to search engines. Mastering the skill of creating content and doing it consistently, will lead to authority. This is the process I have illustrated in the diagram below. The starting point is creating content regularly. 

ways to make money online

Without keywords, you can’t drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine results pages (SERPS). Unless you have functional SEO, you are wasting your time creating content that will not be seen. Sounds too harsh – but its the real truth of what happens in the world of search engines.

To create content that drives visitors to your site, you need to understand your visitors’ needs first. This is achieved by carrying out a keyword research.

How To Use A Low Competition Keyword Finder?

The first thing you need to do is to choose your target keyword for your post. The keyword that you choose must be relevant to your niche and meet the keyword criteria.

What is the Keyword Criteria?

  1.  Over 30 average searches
  2. Less than 100 QSR/Competition
  3. Makes grammatical sense.

Keyword Search Tool

One of the secrets to getting your posts, pages and websites ranked is using a reliable Keyword Research Tool.

Keyword Research
Keyword research involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into the search engines. Keyword search is the act of finding keyword phrases relevant to your niche and choosing the most appropriate ones for building your content. Every page and post you create on your website will have a target keyword. 

Awesome Tips - Low Hanging Fruit Keyword!

ways to make money online
Sign Up & Get 30 Searches, Completely Free!

Low Hanging Fruit Keyword is a low competition keyword. Let’s look at a tree analogue, for instance. The fruit that is typically smaller gets less attention (traffic).

To get ranked, you should always go for low competition keywords.

Low Hanging Fruit Keyword!

Most people naturally compete for the fruit at the top of the tree, which is the high traffic keyword. If you use a high traffic keyword its more difficult to get ranked, especially with new websites.

To improve your chances of getting ranked you should target the low competition keywords. This is a strategy proven to work leading to an unlimited amount of traffic. 

Let’s interpret the search results 

The most important columns to focus on are Searches (Avg), Traffic and Competition (QSR).

Analysing Keyword Tool Research Results

  1. Searches or Avg: 3989 This means that there are 3989 searches conducted on Google for the keyword Tool per month.


  2. Traffic: 657 This is the number of clicks you are likely to get on your content per month if you are ranked on the first page of search engine search results.


  3. Competition or QSR 333 This is the number of other websites that are using this keyword. Competition is sometimes seen as QSR which stands for Quoted Search Results.

The Extra Role Keywords Play

Apart from search engine optimisation, keywords play an extra very important role in content marketing. Keywords help you to find ideas for your next blog. Using the keyword tool will give you the best possible chance of finding keywords for your niche.

Google and other search engines absolutely love good content. The secret is delivering quality content that targets low competition as this will get you ranked in the end. To conduct the keyword search you need to use a Keyword Research Tool.

Take Advantage Of Free Keyword Tool 

There are several Keyword Tools available for free and others you need to pay for. The Jaax Keyword Research Tool has many different powerful functions to help you with your keyword research. To have access to this tool, you need to join the Jaaxy  Keyword and Research Niche. As a starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will have completely FREE access to Jaaxy Starter.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool For Free!

One of the benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate member is having access to WA Built-in Keyword Tool. The WA keyword Tool allows you to find keyword phrases relevant to your articles for free. The tool is designed to help you determine the best possible keyword phrases relevant to your article.

Another keyword tool within reach is the Google Keyword Planner. It is a tool you can use for free but on one condition. You must have an account with Google first, to have access to be able to use the tool. Using Keyword Planner allows you to search not only for a  keyword but Ad group ideas, historical statistics and to see the performance of certain keywords.

Also, Word Stream has a Free Keyword Tool you can find online. There are literally MILLIONS of keywords in every niche leading to incredible potential. When you come up with a list of keywords relevant to your website and your niche, you are working towards getting ranked by Google. A keyword increases your chances. It helps you create targeted content with the ultimate result of driving the RIGHT traffic to your site.

Visitors only click on your website after it has been ranked by Google or other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Peradventure, that click will lead to a purchase through a link or ad from your page. As the website owner, you will earn some cash.

Targeting Keywords

The first thing you need to do to optimise your website is to search for keywords using a Keyword Research Tool. These keywords must be relevant to your niche. Making use of a keyword tool allows you to discover many low competition words leading you to get ranked on Google’s first page.

Make it your goal to get ranked in Google as well as in others search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Ranking leads to traffic and traffic leads to revenue opportunities.

Key Things To Remember About Keyword Search

  • More than 50 monthly searches are good.
  • Less than 300 QSR. (the lower the less competition).
  • Keyword must make sense and must be in line with your niche.
  • Basically, in whatever you write, your purpose is to help your audience by giving them useful information they need.
ways to make money online
Get Started Now!

Another reliable tool I highly recommend is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. 

This tool is available at jaaxy.com. To start with, you need to sign up for a Free Jaaxy Account. Besides keyword research, you can use the Jaaxy tool to see where your site ranks under keywords. Once you have your keyword, you are able to create a page or a post on your website targeting that keyword.

If you have any questions related to this post please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can. Also, feel free to share your experiences.

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14 thoughts on “Low Competition Keyword Finder

  1. I can tell you put a lot of effort and thought into this article about the keyword research tool because there is so much content! I am a young entrepreneur, and I do not have a lot of start-up money, so affiliate marketing seems very promising because there is a lot of other benefits with this program. I have one question, however, and it is this: Do people care about age when it comes to selling online? I hope to see what you have to say, and thank you for this information!

    1. Hello, Marques, thank you so much for sparing your time to leave some comments.
      I agree with you there are many benefits from being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.
      The training comes as a full package ranging from websites, referrals to being in the most supportive environment with like-minded people.
      Coming to your question, I don’t think age matters when it comes to selling online. All it needs is understanding your customer’s needs and doing your best to meet their needs.
      All the best along your journey of entrepreneurship.

  2. This article is an eye-opener in many ways. I didn’t realise there are other options to attract organic traffic besides Ads.
    It is not easy to get sustainable traffic from just Ads especially if you are starting a new business with all the costs involved.
    I’m not saying that Ads do not work. They do, but they only go as far as your money goes.
    Thank you so much, Femia, for this thoroughly explained post. From now on, I will use keywords that establish a pattern that leads to more conversions.

    1. Hello, Messi, thank you very much for sparing time to leave some comments.
      I am pleased to know that you found my post on the Keyword Finder informative and that you learned a few things.
      I agree with you that when you are just starting your internet business, Ads are not the best thing to use due to 2 main reasons.
      (1) New starters need to concentrate first on writing loads of content making use of the research keyword tool which in turn will attract traffic.
      (2) Using Ads very early on will not pay off because your website will be having a few visitors which are not enough to convert, besides it needs money.
      Get me right, Ads do work but need to be sourced when there are enough website visitors.

  3. Hi Femia! I use Jaaxy to do all of my keyword research and I find that even the free version is a great tool if you’re just starting out. I know that there are several useful extras if one were to upgrade, but I think that many content creators/affiliate marketers can make great use of the free version of Jaaxy. 

    You also make an excellent point later on in your post about consistency. For those starting out, I believe it’s better to stick to a consistent content posting schedule, even if that means just one post a month. It’s better to do that than to post four articles one month and then nothing for another two months after that! 

    1. Hello, thank you for taking time to read my posts and leave some invaluable feedback.

      I completely agree with you that using Jaaxy Research Keyword Tool pays off not only for now but in the long run.

      It’s the best tool I’ve come across so far for generating traffic.

  4. Content is a very important part of a website, it helps draw traffic and the more visitors in your website the more it will be successful obviously. Content making is an expect some people do learn on it own because of it crucial. Low competition keyword finder truly unlocks the secret to your online business, i can say this and the one I’m most familiar with is Jaaxy which got recommended to me on Wealthy affiliate. I’ll share this, it’ll be of help to online marketers like me.

    1. Hi, King, thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and leave some feedback.

      I agree with you that in the online business world, content is key. To write content that makes people discover my business, I definitely have to use a keyword research tool. 

      I’m glad to hear that you also recommend Jaaxy.

  5. Even I would not have known all this information about Jaxxy here unless the way you have broken it down for me. 

    This is massive and very well interesting enough for me. Thank you so much for sharing all of these here. 

    In truth, the rate at which this information was scheduled would not make things easy and honestly, I fancy every bit of the information. Thank you

    1. Hi, Rodarrick, thanks so much for sparing the time to read my post and leave some awesome feedback.

      I’m glad to hear that you found the information informative.

  6. A keyword is the king and must be well respected for anyone to make snippets of success. 

    A great bit of information you have shared here and could be worth it. In all honesty, I found this piece rather great to see here. 

    Thanks so much for sharing. Having Jaxxy as leverage for keywords searching is a plus for anyone considering the performance level of it.

    1. Thanks, Rodarrick, for stopping by and taking the time to read my post and leave comments.

      I agree with you that its pointless writing content that doesn’t convert unless you use a low competition keyword finder.

  7. There are several keyword search tools that I’ve been opportune to use, lots of them are not that valuable they don’t have quality in their delivery. 

    into Affiliate marketing and having a vibrant content on my website is very detrimental to how much traffic I get.

    I so much love how you’ve explained every aspect of this topic, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my post and leave invaluable comments.

      I agree with you that it pays to write quality content and that comes with using low competition keyword finder.

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