Is Studypool Legit?

Is Studypool legal?

Owners: Studypool

Introduction – In this review, Is Studypool Pool legit? I intend to give you as much information as possible so that you can make some informed decisions.

Joining an online tutoring and get paid is a way to make money online increasingly getting popular.

Joining the Studypool tutor programme can be done in 2 ways.

Two Ways to joining Studypool

  1. Join the Studypool platform as a student.
  2. Join Studypool to work as a tutor.

    Studypool Tutoring
    Studypool tutoring is one of the roles tutors do, helping students to write their assignments (do their homework).

Who is Studypool for?

Studypool is an online marketplace which connects students with tutors.

Students join the Studypool online platform to look for study materials to buy.

Other students come to Studypool to get help with their homework questions.

Studypool Tutor Requirements

Studypool head of outreach
A student posts a homework question with a budget plus delivery time.

questions are posted anonymously, then Studypool matches the question with a tutor.

The student has an option to choose a tutor or the student is automatically matched with Studypool’s recommended tutor.

After the tutor has done the assignment, the student gets a written answer. 

Studypool Jobs - How do I get started as a Tutor?

Step 1: Sign up for an account to apply for the tutor position. If you are successful (if your application gets approved), you will be able to move to the next level.

According to Studypool, only highly qualified and vetted tutors qualify.

Step 2: Once you have been approved, the next step is to complete your profile. On completing you’re now able to choose questions from a broad range of subjects listed below.

Studypool topic Categories

That’s how your journey begins at Studypool as a tutor helping students with their assignments.

Around 1,000’s questions get posted daily and students will be waiting to get help. To start off earning money, you need to keep CHECKING for the newest questions.

Studypool student questions

  1. After a student has posted a question with a time limit and a budget, the tutor goes ahead to make an offer for the service to be offered (bids). 
  2. The student has the option to choose a tutor  of their choice based on performance reviews left on the tutor’s profiles. Alternatively, Studypool auto matches the student with tutors they think can provide the best answer.
  3. Once selected, the tutor will be notified and required to submit an answer for the question according to the bid conditions (agreed time for completion, payment etc).
  4. For newbies  just starting on Studypool, they get allocated the first 2 questions (don’t bid for the first 2).
    However, these first 2 questions have an earning ceiling not to exceed $ 5.00.
  5. The bidding experience is not easy. Competition is so stiff. ONLY tutors who have made 40 bids within 24 hours are given an On Fire! status. This means the tutor’s bids are prioritised by Studypool.
  6. Keeping an eye on Studypool calendar to check out for upcoming exam seasons may create an opportune time to win bids. Studypool site sees a large increase in traffic closer to the exam season.


Besides becoming a tutor, if you invite your friends to join Studypool, you will be given $ 10.00 for every friend that signs up with your promotion code.

Outsourcing your Questions

If you win a bid but you don’t have time to answer the question yourself, you have an option to pass it on to other tutors so that they can answer it on your behalf since you have won the bid. And you will make money on the margin.

Studypool Help for Outsourcing

To help tutors outsource questions, Studypool provides a 10% discount on all posted questions.

Outsourcing helps you earn some cash without writing anything yourself.

If you are a newbie you can’t depend entirely on Studypool to earn a living because Studypool has a commission rate of 20% – 30%.

Support for tutors at Studypool

From the moment you win a bid, Studypool will guide you the process step by step starting from how to introduce yourself.

Self introduction helps you to connect with your clients and reassures the students that you are working on their assignments and you will finish them within the times agreed.

Studypool gives you some hints and tips on how to get with students you’re going to help. For example, how to ask the student for more details for clarification, if necessary.

You’re also reminded to be be friendly when dealing with your clients and to read instructions carefully.

Studypool has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. If your question is withdrawn on plagiarism grounds you will not get paid and your payment will be returned to the student.

So, to help tutors avoid plagiarising, Studypool has made a Plagiarism Checker available including a Spell checker.



It depends on how you want to use the Studypool platform. If you manage to create a reliable client base, things may work out for you.

Reviews left by tutors who have worked on Studypool online platform are a mixed bag.

Some argue that from a moral point of view, tutors are not supposed to be writing assignments for students because it kills the whole purpose of learning yet students are expected to learn through practice.

The Studypool system seems straightforward. Tutors get to choose from over 30 subjects. Studypool aims to get high-quality explanations and answers for student questions.

To be honest, providing a quality answer which is highly expected is not easy. The term Quality Answers can get controversial at times.

This is why. There have been some instances where students were not satisfied with the quality of written answers they received. And the tutors on the other hand, felt the opposite.

In the tutors' eyes, the'd performed to the best of their abilities given the small earnings plus the time invested in the whole process to produce an acceptable written answer i.e. checking for plagiarism, spell checks and referencing using the MLA style.

Having disputes do not only cause delays in payment but raise issues if the tutor should be paid.

Tutors' payments are released on the condition they'd have produced papers with satisfactory answers. In other words, when the tutor produces a paper with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Students at Studypool will be looking for tutors to write a ten-page essay for them but the tutor gets paid $ 5.00. Moreover,  there will be many tutors bidding on one underpaid question. As a new tutor, how are you supposed to compete with them?

Studypool has no zero tolerance for plagiarism and uses the MLA referencing system. Tough luck if you are not familiar with the referencing style. Unless a tutor is familiar with these systems in place at Studypool, the tutor will struggle.

Hopefully, this post will place you in a better position to decide if Studypool is the right platform for you to earn working online.

If you have any questions in relation to my Studypool Tutor Programme Review – Legit or Scam?, leave them below I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.

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8 thoughts on “Is Studypool Legit?

  1. Ah awesome article, I am not sure if I can apply to be a future tutor in my case I would love to do that in the area of nutrition, I am really good at there and anyone who ask me I would do good. But if just like the traditional educations like maths, Spanish English, I can consider teaching Spanish since I am bilingual.

    1. Hi, Erick, thank you very much for sparing your valuable time to leave me some feedback on my post.
      I’m glad you like the Stdypool Tutor programme. Studypool has another side to its tutoring programme I didn’t include in my blog post.

      I only touched the tutor’s role in terms of answering student’s homework questions. You can also choose to be a Live Tutor who conducts tutorials for students through Skype on a suitable date requested.

      To qualify as a Studypool tutor, you should have either a degree in higher education or be a college student.
      All the best!

  2. I have been tutoring in Studypool, it’s the best place for online writing but one thing that scares me was one time I worked hard and withdrawal balance accumulated up to $430.

    Unfortunately, one of my clients shared his contact with me in Studypool and I got banned because contact sharing is not allowed there.

    As that is not enough they even swap my account and I was left with nothing with an empty mouth. I termed this as an act of all tutor you should take. thank you

    1. Hello, thanks so much for taking the time to read the article, ‘Is Studypool Legit?
      Also, for leaving some feedback and sharing your experiences which will go a long way to help others who are in need for information so that they can make some informed decisions.

    2. After I made my withdrawal request, money was supposed to come within 5-6 days but they kept on saying it takes time and now after 6 days they told me that I have not provided my PayPal account and now it has been 2 days since they replied back
      whole time and effort got wasted.
      It’s a scam nothing else

      1. Hello, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences tutoring at Studypool.
        I know its frustrating what happened to you.
        I hope you will get your money paid. All the best!

  3. This the worst experience I ever have, I’m jobless and I was working with study pool just because of overdue of 5 minutes the student complained and I was suspended of which is okay as punishment before the day end.

    I was burning and I can’t use my account with all the money in the account.

    Studypool is not a good place to be in.

    1. Hello, Loyce, thanks so much for sharing your experience working on th Studypool platform.

      I hear you and can imagine how it feels. I would like to believe that when resolving enquries they should be impartial.

      The fact that you had to leave without the money you had earned sounds like modern slavery to me.

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