Is It Midlife Crisis Or Midlife Ways To Make Money Online?

ways to make money online

Midlife career crisis meaning

Midlife career crisis is a phrase with connotations of unhappy feelings, worry and disappointments.

Midlife crisis is also associated with changes in our lifestyle habits including unexplained bouts of depression, losing the ability to complete or concentrate.

Yet evidence on the ground shows you can change midlife crisis to midlife ways to make money online.

Midlife Career Crisis linked to Midlife boredom

Generally speaking, midlife crisis is linked to everything midlife boredom and losing interest in a lot of things.

What used to interest you, doesn’t interest you anymore. You become more critical and start to question things, prompting you to quit your good job.

Midlife Crisis Definition

The Cambridge dictionary defines Midlife Crisis as 'feelings of unhappiness, worry, and disappointment that some people experience at about 40 years of age that can, sometimes, lead them to making important changes in their lives.''
Ways to make money online

Midlife Crisis Age

Some people believe midlife career crisis is a myth and such a thing doesn’t exist.

Personally, I now have a second opinion about midlife crisis after reading BBC news, ‘Should we embrace the mid-life crisis rather than be embarrassed by it.?’

Easy career changes that pay well

BBC headlines ‘Should we embrace the mid-life crisis rather than be embarrassed by it?’ hit me. The news coverage made me realise the term midlife crisis is an understatement and falls short of giving people a true picture of the real situation and what happens in midlife in today’s people.

Midlife A Prime Age
In fact, midlife is no longer a crisis as previously perceived but midlife crisis change of career, a prime age in our lives full of opportunities. People retrain midlife nowadays.

We can see these  windows of opportunities opening up through advancements taking place worldwide, especially in technology and ways of doing things.

In today’s modernised world, everything is  revolving around the internet.

According to the BBC report, people who are old in their midlife have a whole world of experience to draw from.

Instead of fretting about hair loss and diminished virility, should mid-life be re-evaluated as a time to try new experiences and re-invent oneself? Stephen Smith, 55, sets out on a mission to answer these eternal questions.
BBC News

I completely understand BBC’s point of view. Midlife is now a ray of sunshine, midlife crisis change of career, time to re-invent ourselves and the sky is the limit.

BBC’s news coverage was an awakening call for me. The message couldn’t have come at a better time to turn around to easy career changes that  pay well.

Best midlife career changes

  1. Most people who’re in mid age are better positioned to face new challenges. They’ve a whole world of experience under their belt to draw from.
  2. Midlife is an opportune phase in one’s life to start internet businesses. Some would’ve been in certain jobs for more than 15 years and managed to pick a good deal of expertise along the way.
  3. Among the opportunities that have opened up, are work from home jobs.Online teaching jobs fall in that category.

    The exciting thing is their flexibility to work from anywhere including the extra flexibility in the working patterns.

Life after midlife crisis

The demand for online jobs is high these days because we’re experiencing a rise in the use of new technologies.

More people now prefer to use the internet to do most things central to their lives.

Online jobs are on the increase. New opportunities are opening up for professionals to work from home and to connect with local opportunities using an app. 

Take Advantage of Online Teaching Jobs

Teaching online is one of the many jobs you can pick from. For example, the demand for online English teachers and online classes has never been on the increase before.

More and more people are opting to learn online and teaching jobs are also booming.

Can I Earn A Decent Living Teaching Online? 

Did you know you can earn a considerable amount as a teacher teaching English online?

Being an online teacher is the type of job you can actually survive on these days. On average, online English teachers’ earnings fall within the range £20 – £28 an hour working part-time.

Its all up to you to choose between teaching online English Lessons as a part-time job to teach on a permanent basis.

I have singled out English lessons for the simple reason that there is a growing increase in companies recruiting teachers to Teach English online as a foreign language (TEFL).

China is among the largest recruiters.

Where can I find home based online teaching jobs?

There are many online platforms where you can find teaching jobs in China.

Please note that these jobs are not only limited to China but are available in other countries of your preference.

The best way is to carry out a search on the Internet. Most companies recruit teachers solely on the basis of their fluency in English and ability to teach.

The selection process is not based on the applicant’s place of origin. This goes to show that everyone who is qualified stands a chance to be recruited.   

Qualifications for online teaching jobs

Similar to other jobs we apply for, employers look for certain requirements in relation to online teaching jobs. 

  1. The candidate must be an English Native speaker. For your own information, English native speakers stand  better chances to get employed.


  2. Candidate must be certified to teach English Online courses.


  3. Candidate must meet the technical requirements which include having a computer, a reliable internet connection with good speed.


  4. The job involves teaching online, obviously you’re not expected to be visiting colleges to deliver lessons in a classroom setting.

    Having said that, your availability is very crucial for this kind of job.

  5. Be mindful of your students that they’re located across the globe. So, when you apply, take into consideration the different time zones and relate them to your local working hours.

    ake a look at the example given below, assuming you live in the UK.
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Learn More!

Can I teach without Teacher's Qualification?

If you’re not qualified to teach online but you’ve the passion to pursue this career, you can use an alternative route.

Where there is a will there is always a way.

Try to gain a teaching qualification online first. TEFL Org UK is a reputable British course provider.

TEFL Org UK  delivers teaching qualification courses online that have the same level of accreditation as the practical course, which TEFL Org UK also offers.


You will receive a certificate after completing your course. The certificate gives you access to several employment opportunities.

The most exciting thing is it opens your opportunities to a higher international level.

You also get free access to the TEFL Jobs Centre.

Teaching English Online TEFL Org UK

Did you know TEFL Org UK has an online marketplace for job seekers?

You’re free to join to to teach TEFL Lessons online. Currently, there are over 50 countries in the TEFL Job Centre, a platform to search for your dream job to teach English abroad.

Please note, the Job Centre service is only limited to TEFL Org UK students and graduates.

What Other Options To Midlife Ways to Make Money Online Are There?

You may not want to go the route of teaching online but want to explore something totally different.

For further reading checkout, Ways to Make Money Online.

Ways to make money online
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6 thoughts on “Is It Midlife Crisis Or Midlife Ways To Make Money Online?

  1. Now that I’ve passed mid-life, I can recognize all the things I’m thankful for during that time of my life. It was a time of new beginnings, learning and starting over. Back then we didn’t have the technology access we have now so we had to look elsewhere for opportunities. Love the idea of teaching English as a foreign language. Will definitely have to look into the certification and job opportunities. How fun would it be to enlarge someone else’s world!

    1. Hi, Lisa, thank you for taking your time to leave some comments. Midlife is the right time to reinvent oneself. Unlike young school leavers who have less experience, people in midlife have a lot of expertise to build their businesses on. Starting an internet business is one option. Also, legitimate work from home jobs are equally good.The digital era we are in has a lot of opportunities. Once, again many thanks.

  2. Great article on how anyone can turn their mid life crisis into an opportunity.

    I feel not just mid life crises, but challenges and obstacles that are thrown at us every year can be handled in one of two ways.

    You can either feel down and helpless, or see it as a challenge to better yourself and overcome your obstacle.

    I also agree that having a job online is a great choice and can provide a lot of benefits a normal 9-5 job can’t.

    1. Hello, Michael, thanks for taking your time to leave me some encouraging comments. Challenges and obstacles are part of life and unavoidable. What matters is bouncing back through finding some solutions. I agree with you, online jobs have more benefits that outweigh the normal 9-5 ones. I love the flexibility which comes with online jobs and being able to choose from a wide range of opportunities. Once again, many thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, it was a great article that enlightened me on the copious opportunities for many in their mid-life. I also accede that having a job online could be the perfect opportunity, as it will give them all the benefits of a normal working experience whilst still being in the comfort of their own home. Once again many thanks!

    1. Hello, thank you very much for sparing your time to read and comment on my post, ‘Turning A Midlife crisis Into An Opportunity.
      I am pleased to hear that you found the subject of discussion interesting.
      I get so excited when I think of the opportunities waiting for the mid-aged. I used to stress myself dreading to get old but not anymore!
      These days both the aged and young have equal access to opportunities availed to them. Age is no longer a hindrance as it used to be although the situation may vary due to different places and localities.
      Many thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate.

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