How Affiliate Marketing Works To Make Money Online


This post is al about how you can start building an affiliate marketing business.

I know you’ve always dreamed of becoming the boss of your own. The affiliate marketing model has an immense potential to take your internet business to a higher level.

Did you know that there are Proven 4-step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint?   

Let me go ahead to explain how it works and point you to the various affiliate marketing programmes which you can make a lot of money with.

The future of e-commerce is really promising. This goes to show that there are vast opportunities to make money online.

Bookmark this page as I will keep adding more affiliate marketing programmes to this list.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate Marketing is where the affiliate (you) promotes products or services online for merchants and in return, you’re given a reward.

There is one condition. This can only be done through an affiliate programme.

To take part you must join one programme or several that are of interest to you.

The company (merchant) you join will give you a special link or banners to display on your website for you to promote the products.

In return, you’re given commissions.

Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

What Every Beginner Should Know – Becoming An Affiliate Marketer Online 

Affiliate marketing is not complicated at all:). If you look close, all around you are examples that will how you how the process works.

Let’s take the analogue of building your own house. For your house to stand it must be built on a strong foundation.

Similarly, to succeed online, your affiliate marketing business must be built on a solid foundation.

The foundation I’m talking about are the preliminary steps you need to take before you join any affiliate marketing programme. 

What Are The Elementary Steps To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1 – Choose A Niche
Step 2 – Create Your Own Niche Website
Step 3 – Setting Up Your Website
Step 4 – Getting Your Website Ready for Search Engines
Step 5 – Creating Your Initial Website Content.

Content Quality and Variety Matters

After creating your initial content for your website, move to the next level.

But before we move there let me talk about the type of content you must create because its crucial for your success.

The secret is in creating good length content. I know the question you’re going to ask next.

What is a good length?
Create content with at least 1500+ words per post. I’m not suggesting that all your content should exactly be the same length.

For the affiliate marketing programme to work for you, aim at least to get this expected length. 

What Style Should I Use For Creating Content?

Writing Style for Creating Content
Write naturally and be thorough by offering ugh and offer an in-depth explanation of your message.

At What Stage Should I Join An Affiliate Programme?

You are ready to join an affiliate marketing programme of your choice when you have created enough content. For example, 30 posts.
Maybe you’re a newbie and you don’t know how to write for the web. Check out Creating Content That Converts.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

For your affiliate marketing programme to take off the ground, you need a useful tool called a website.

Check out this post, Creating Your Own Website in Seconds for more information. 

I can’t overemphasise the role a website plays in boosting  your affiliate marketing business.

A website is a the cornerstone to starting your affiliate marketing business. You will get commissions each time someone clicks on your affiliate links that are embedded on your website.

This can only happen when someone goes on to buy something. 

So, each time you refer traffic as an affiliate to a site where people buy the product, you earn good commissions.

Femia, Can You Tell Me What Niche Is Most Profitable?

ways to make money online
Unravel The Secret To Writing Rich Content

The burning question on most people’s minds is which niche is most profitable? There is nothing wrong with wanting to know.

In response to this question, you can promote any niche you can think of.

Why do I say this?
The truth is you’re guaranteed to find an affiliate programme for every niche you want. You will never go wrong as long as you pick an affiliate program that is in line with what you’re passionate about.

Other Factors Relevant For Your Success
The other key thing relevant to your success is to keep connected with your audience.

Also, picking the right product to promote. ideally, this is something that your audience will be searching for.

Do You Want To Learn More About Niches?

To know everything you should know about niches I recommend this course How to Find a Niche for Your Blog.

This is where your affiliate marketing journey begins.

To Search For The Right Affiliate Programme Choose Something Relevant To Your Niche. 

How Do I Begin?
You start off by doing an online search for affiliate networks that offer products within your niche.

Let me show you how I do it. I type into the search box:

diaper bags + affiliate programme

The search will bring out pages related to diaper bag affiliate programs.

This will look the same as the search results below.

ways to make money online

Following your search results, pick a few affiliate programmes you are interested in and then sign up for them.

You will be given your unique affiliate ID to be part of your links and banners you will add to your website. 


Don’t just jump into any programme you come across (blindfolded decisions).

Make sure you do some research before you sign up for any programme to find out how the programme works before doing anything else.

Having an insight into the affiliate programme’s pros and cons is quite helpful.

Where can I find information about legit affiliate marketing programmes?

Reviews are a reliable source of information. If you manage to get hold of reviews, that will be a good starting point.

Reviews are usually left by customers after they have used a particular product or service.

Avoid joining programmes blindfolded without a full picture of the terms and agreement and if it is going to work for you. Also, if it is going to pay you enough commissions etc?

Where Can I Find Genuine Affiliate Marketing Programmes?

I will remain within the confines of products I have researched about including the ones I have joined.

To make the most of affiliate programmes, go for products in your niche.

(1) CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) specialises in pay-for-performance programs for businesses around the world. The CJ Network connects a wide range of online consumers by facilitating partnerships between advertisers and publishers. To join you simply apply and start making money online through affiliate sales. 

(2) Joining Amazon Associates 

Amazon is one of the giant e-commerce platforms that allows website owners to join for free and create Amazon links.

The affiliate marketing programme for those living in the UK uses this Amazon link. 

Each time a visitor clicks through the links and buys products from Amazon, you earn commission fees. You can earn up to 10% in advertising fees with this trusted e-commerce leader’s affiliate program.

You get to choose from Amazon’s over a million products to advertise on your website.

To get more insight into the Amazon Associate programme, feel free to read my previous article, Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 

(3) Clickbank

Clickbank partners with digital marketers who sell products to over 200 million customers around the globe.

When you join Clickbank you can earn commissions as high as 75% because it pays some of the highest commissions.

All you need to do is to choose the products you want to promote. Clickbank’s online marketplace has a vast range of products you can choose from.

The chances are you will find offers in your niche you can earn money from.

(4)  Wealthy Affiliate 

Joining Wealthy Affiliate will give you access to promote its several products.

The WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is one of its most sought-after products you can also promote.

How Does It work?
Achieving 300 Premium Referrals will earn you an invitation to hang out with the founders and all costs will be paid for you.

  1. Other products include:
    the Research Keyword  Tool.
  2. The Affiliate and Bootcamp Course.   

(5) ShareASale:

Is an affiliate marketing network which provides customers with an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform.

The ShareASale platform gives you access to join its merchants. You will receive commissions for sending merchant authorized sales, leads and clicks via your Links.

How does it work?
Firstly, join a merchant with products you want to promote to get links you will place on your website.

(6) Namecheap Affiliate

Namecheap is a provider of domain registration, SSL and web hosting services.

The Namecheap affiliate programme makes you earn a commission each time a new customer makes their first purchase with Namecheap through your link.

Domains Starting at $0.48/yrFor more information read my NameCheap

(7) Making Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging
These days we are having an upsurge in blogging sites.

Those who write top-notch content that stands out are on public demand.

There is never been an opportune time to start blogging than right now.

How Much Money Can I Make From Affiliate Marketing?

We often hear this question being asked. The affiliate marketing model works.

Having said that your earnings are highly dependent on your marketing skills and how hard you work to take your business to the next level.

Hopefully, the information I have shared will help you make some informed decisions in case you find the affiliate marketing route appealing.

I will continuously research for more legit affiliate marketing programmes and list them for you. Keep an eye for updates.

If you have any questions related to, ‘How Online Affiliate Marketing Works’ please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.

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  • Hi there,

    This post is very interesting and I like the way you lead into affiliate marketing. One thing I notice is how every review is differently put.

    Meaning there are so many angles of affiliate marketing to illustrate and communicate to your audience.

    I enjoyed reading your particular angle..

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello, Stella, thanks so much for reading my post and leaving some invaluable comments.
      i am really pleased that you found this article informative and an enjoyable read.
      I agree with you that the affiliate marketing programme has many facets to it and if the affiliate marketing model is applied the right way (correctly) it leads to immeasurable success.
      Usually the process is the same which starts off with choosing a niche, building a website, writing SEO friendly content and finally joining an affiliate marketing programme to get links to display.
      Once again. many thanks for stopping by.

  • Thank you for sharing information about affiliate marketing programmes that people can join.
    There is a lot of programmes out there about affiliate marketing businesses, which is a good thing.
    The only issue with having a lot going on is it opens doors for opportunists. That is scams will take advantage of unsuspecting people who want to make money online.
    So, it gets tricky to pick genuine programmes that offer affiliate marketing.
    I thank you for hand-picking a few programmes you have share you are aware of – that they are not scams.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some really useful feedback.
      I agree with you there is a lot of information about affiliate marketing and it gets confusing to distinguish between the genuine programmes that are legitimate from scammers.
      Having travelled the route of scammers before I know what it feels like to get ripped off.
      This is one of the reasons I created this website so that I can share my lived experiences along my journey of finding ways to make money online


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