Getting Your Website Ready For SEO

Getting Your Website Ready For SEOIs Your Website Ready For SEO?


I know there is loads of information on the internet around getting your website SEO ready. You are told you must have backlinks, have PBN’s and have this and that. To be honest, you don’t need all that stuff to make your website SEO ready.


The solution is simple. Adhere to a few basic components to make your website rank not just now, but for years to come. I hope to see your website succeed SEO wise and that you see tangible results!


I am going to explain what SEO means, how it works and how you can optimise your website through writing keyword-rich content.


Get The Most Out of SEO

SEO has long-term traffic opportunities.  As more people come online searching for things at a higher rate than ever, the more opportunities we have.


Did you know that Google is currently getting over 3.5 BILLION searches per day? This is just Google excluding other search engines. And this is traffic that YOU can leverage.


With all those people active online, it’s your responsibility to intercept them through “search terms” (keywords) that they enter in Google, build trust through helping them and making recommendations of products and services.


As more people continue to search, it creates an incredible and very much growing opportunity for you as an affiliate marketer.


What animal is SEO?

SEO basically is the practice of building your website in a way to ensure it appears high in the search results in Google (SERPS).


SEO is about having your page search engine optimized and getting rankings in Google for completely FREE. This can only happen when you know what to do in terms of SEO.


We have an incredible, long term opportunity with SEO. There are billions and billions of keywords out there and lots of them have not yet been optimized in Google.


Roll Up Your Sleeves To Optimise For Search Engines

Your goal is to get lots of rankings in Google (and other search engines) and to do so for FREE.


Free because when you understand how SEO works you will never need to pay for traffic.


Here are the areas you need to introduce search engine optimisation.

  1. Initial Website SEO Set-Up
  2. Keyword Selection
  3. Content-Length
  4. Content Structure
  5. Engagement
  6. Social Elements
  7. Time (Authority)




The first thing you need to do is to Set Up Your Website Up For SEO. You do this through the All in One SEO plugin (should be activated by now).


Update the General Settings in All-In-One SEO. Optimise the core base. These are your meta tags. Meta tags work behind the scenes of your website to optimize for search engines so that your website and content displays properly.


When you go to Google and search for a website, you see search results of a Meta title and website URL of given search results.


From the Plugins menu – General Settings – go directly to the “Home Page Settings” section and add your website title and description for search engines.


Your Home Title should be the brand name of your website, plus additional text to make it more captivating. In my case, I made this title:


Midlife Cash: Ways To Make Money Online


Choose a captivating title that speaks to your audience about your motto. Remember you can quite easily change this down the road. Ideal Title Character Count: 45-55.


Home Description: This should explain briefly what your website is about and how you plan on helping people. Who is your site dedicated to helping and how do you plan on helping them out? Ideal Description Character Count: 140-160


Keyword Selection.

For more details, please check this post, Low Competition Key Finder.


Content Creation – Creating Keyword Rich Content


Your goal is to create keyword rich and high-ranking content. Choosing the right keywords will vastly improve your chances of getting ranked on Google and other search engines. The idea is to write your content on your website in an efficient and consistent manner.


Content Consistency Leads to Authority

Creating the content on a regular basis makes your website established. Google and other search engines ( Bing & Yahoo)  will begin to assign authority to YOUR website.


Authority leads to rankings.


Rankings lead to traffic and ultimately revenue opportunity.


When you create content the right way you will reap the full benefits of SEO. You will have a competitive advantage over other competing websites in your niche.


How Do I Create Keyword Rich Content for?

Choose Your Target Keyword for your post. A keyword is going to be the focal point of your article. Make sure every page and post you create on your website will have a target keyword.


If you’re not making an effort to get rankings in search engines with your content, your efforts will be done in vain and you will receive little to no results in terms of traffic.


So the first thing you need to do here is to choose a keyword that:

  • Is RELEVANT to my niche.
  • Meet the “winning” keyword criteria:
  • Over 30 avg searches
  • Less than 100 QSR/Competition
  • Makes grammatical sense


Outline For Creating Your Article

To save time and for consistency, create a template will guide you to create keyword-rich content. Add some writing goals that you will follow with every page and post.

  • 1,000 Words
  • 6 Paragraphs
  • 5 Headings


Here is how your content should be outlined

1. Keyword in Title. Include the keyword within the title of your posts and make it captivating.

2. Keyword in the First Paragraph. Place your exact keyword within the first or second paragraph of your content.


As you write your content, create smaller paragraphs. It is very difficult to read large blocks of text and keeping your paragraphs smaller will lead to much more readability.


3. Use Relevant & Captivating Headlines. Within your content, have at least a minimum of 5 headlines. Make your headlines foreshadow what you are going to talk about in a captivating way.


Write headlines that inform your audience what you are going to talk about in the upcoming section. Simple as that.


4. Write the Rest of Your Content Naturally. Avoid to “stuff” keywords throughout your post. In a nutshell, this is how you need to follow as you build out and write your content.



Our ultimate goal as we build content is to get ranked in Google and other search engines because it’s a stable source of free traffic. You might be the owner of an internet business working hard to make money online.


Following the best practice, I have outlined will make it easy for search engines to crawl, index and understand your content. SEO is about making small changes to your website and when combined they do have a noticeable effect on your website user experience.


Tip: As you create your content, focus on helping and informing people and just be natural as you create content on your website.


If you have any questions about Getting Your Website Ready For SEO, please leave them below. I will do my level best to respond as soon as I can.





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