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Royalty-Free Images Free of Charge

For your online business to set off you need a useful tool called a website. Images boost the functioning of your website by attracting visitors’ attention. Site visitors may end up clicking leading to a purchase. 

Images have a huge impact. They connect people with your site and affect the way your website is designed and looks. Ultimately, this increases your chances to make money online.

Why you need free images to download? 

We now live in a digital world where graphics are crucial to the efficacy of websites. Images are an important marketing resource you will ever have. By nature, people are born visual. They expect to see pictures when they visit your website. It doesn’t mean every picture must get its way to your site but only high-quality pictures that make a good impression.

Beautiful pictures for your website
People get bored by reading content after content. Having some engaging pictures on your site will certainly bring a breath of fresh air and breaks the monotony.

Finding the right website pictures is extremely important. The quality of your website pictures will affect how your visitors perceive your site. So, avoid posting pictures that will make your visitors question themselves if it was worthy to stop by.

Watch out for images with copyright
Not all people can afford the costs of buying professional images for their sites. Knowing the right sources will serve you a lot of hassle. Fortunately, we have the internet at our disposal to rely on as a useful reservoir for images. However, we need to tread on the internet with caution because some images have copyrights.

Tips for images to look out for
You must get images for your site in the right manner. Buying pictures is an option and most importantly, look out for images that fall within your niche or in line with your products.

There is evidence to show that having images on your website will boost SEO ranking. To get the most out of your website pictures, figure out the keywords you anticipate your audience to use in search engines to find your images. Do some research to find out what people are constantly searching for in your niche.

After doing the necessary digging, you can go ahead to add some descriptions to your images. You boost your chances for SEO ranking by inserting keywords to your tags for on your images. Tagging your images will do wonders for you in driving traffic to your site.

Why Image Size Matters?
Larger images on your site affect your website loading time. To avoid this, you need to resize your images. Some WordPress themes come with fixed pixel dimensions to stick to in terms of the sizes of your images.

Mobile-user friendly photos
Pay particular attention to your photos to make sure they are mobile user-friendly. Test your article both on a mobile and a desktop device to find out.

Free Images for a Website
A brilliant option is to take your own photographs. Do I need to be a professional photographer to be able to do so? The answer is No. You can take high-quality pictures of your own. Perhaps, what you need is advice to guide you. If you do a web search, you are most likely to come across useful hints and tips.

Take Low-Resolution Pictures   

The most important thing to remember when you are taking pictures for your website is to do it differently from the way you take pictures for making prints. So, you must change your camera pixel dimensions to reduce your file sizes. Larger file sizes slow down how fast your web page displays.

Compress images with photo editor
Even after taking your pictures, you still need to do some editing to be 100 per cent sure your images match the exact sizes for your website theme. Compressing your images with a photo editor makes a big difference. I recommend the Smart PNG and JPEG compression tool.

Free Images with No Copyright – Free to Use, No Attribution
There are many websites with free images for use. However, some have rights. Search for royalty-free images you can use for free, even for commercial use. Try these websites:

  • Life of Pix
  • Designer Bucket
  • Google.

Some of the images come with rights which prohibit you from processing the photos. So make sure you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions before using them.

Google Search for Free Images

Using Free Pictures on Google

I will walk you through the process I rely on to get free images from Google for my website.

Type word Ted Bear in Google search box

♦  Click Images

♦  Go to Settings, then Advanced Search

♦  On the Advanced Image Search Page scroll down to the Safe
Search Section

♦  Labelled for reuse

The ones labelled Rights are the ones free for use. However, most of them will still require you to give proper attribution to the author before you use them. To do that, proceed to Click on Not Filtered by License to bring out the OPTIONS you can choose from.

♦  Not Filtered by License

♦  Free to use And Share

  Free to Use or Share Even Commercially

♦  Free To Use or Modify

Free To Use or Modify, even Commercially

In the picture above, I click on  Free To Use, Share Or Modify, Even Commercially are the ones I use on my website. So, it is possible to get free images without any negative repercussions if you know how to get them using the correct procedure.

Hopefully, this post will help you understand how to use images effectively on your website. There are thousands of images for free you can make use of. One important lesson I learned is not to underestimate the power of using images on your website.

Please feel free to leave comments below or share your own experiences on ways to make money online including websites with free images you are aware of.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. Every website owner would certainly love to have images on their site but it’s not that simple to get images that have no copyright. Unless I use my own personal images.
    This article is indeed a problem solver in pointing people how to get images in the right way without going on the wrong side of the law.
    Thanks so much I do appreciate.

    1. Thanks so much for taking time not only to read my article but to leave invaluable comments as well.

      Let me emphasise that a website owner needs to be extra careful in making sure the images they use are genuinely free images because they can end up doing it at their own risk.

      There are monetary and ranking risks involved. For example, if someone may have added copyrighted images they didn’t own to their site collection.

  2. This post was really amazing and it ahs given me the insights into effectively using images on my website.

    Thanks a lot and best of luck for the future

    1. Hello, Emmanuel, thanks for stopping by and taking your time to read my article on images for a website.

      I’m glad you found the article informative. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

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