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Ways to make money online is the theme that resonates throughout this website. Remote or work from home jobs is among several ways to make money online. This is where the Clickworker platform comes in.


Clickworker is a company based in Germany you can join and work on its online platform, working from home. The burning question on many people’s mind is whether the Clickworker platform is legit or a scam? Hopefully, my Clickworker review will leave you fully answered.



There are more than 1 million workers working on the Clickworker platform doing short tasks. These are people who have registered as independent contractors to give support to companies working on their projects in a fast and efficient way.



Who Are Its Owners?
A team of experts specialising in Internet data services.

Website: Clickworker. 
The type of projects you get involved in include: processing unstructured data such as text, photographs and videos, creating, categorizing, appending and translating services. 




The word Clickworker is often used in association with crowdsourcing. 



What Job Does a Clickworker Do? 

Deng, C (2004)’ explains how crowdsourcing came about.
The crowdsourcing concept was conceived to outsource small and repetitive tasks known as micro tasks to a multitude of people known as micro workers who, online and for a small compensation, could perform these tasks in a time and cost-effective way. Platforms such as Microworkers were created to facilitate the recruitment of Microworkers ….. it became clear that crowdsourcing had an enormous potential for the performance of Human Intelligence Tasks.


Clickworker Work Environment

Clickworkers work independently from home using their computers as long as they have an internet connection. The nature of work clickworkers do is very flexible. They get to choose the time suitable for them to start working. To set the ball rolling as a clickworker, all you need to do is to get registered. Afterwards, you are assigned tasks to complete on a piece-rate basis. Most of these tasks are part of a larger and more complex project split into small tasks.



Be A Clickworker Customer 


You can also register on Clickworker as a customer. Customers place orders for processing. These are orders for text, translation or surveys that have to be processed as quickly and as easily as possible.


Getting Started At Clickworker

 Clickworker Profile

I will give you a brief walkthrough of how you can get started. In any case, the process takes a couple of minutes, followed by a long wait to get approved and to be assessed.



STEP 1:  Account Registration at


STEP 2: To create a profile you need to provide a few personal details such as your language skills, other skills you may have, your experience and hobbies.


STEP 3: Then you take an Assessment Test upon completing your profile. It is very important to attempt the assessments offered because it is the one which opens the doorway for you to carry out certain tasks.



Clickworker Jobs


Clickworker Type of Work


(1) Participating in surveys, for example for study and research purposes or to obtain feedback.


(2) Copywriting services where workers create high-quality content for product descriptions, blog articles and travel related content. One thing to note is the content you create must be free from plagiarism.


(3) Sentiment Analysis where clickworkers evaluate texts, pictures, videos and audio files.







Pros and Cons 

While clickworkers can work from any part of the world, the clickworker platform only offers 2 methods of payment. It uses the bank account or the PayPal payment methods. It seems to imply ONLY people who meet these payment conditions are eligible to apply.



The good thing about taking an Assessment Test is it allows clickworkers to do tasks they are good at and experienced in. This makes repetitive tasks a bit more enjoyable. Also, the flexible element of doing the jobs as and when you feel like makes the work bearable and something you can go back to.



Each clickworker performs a task that has been reserved and assigned to them. In the event the clickworker does not wish to complete the task for some reason, the worker is free to cancel the job in order to move on to other tasks. The positive side is the flexibility element it brings to do the job.



Taking assessments can stand in the way of getting assigned tasks to perform. Since taking assessments is a prerequisite for being allocated certain jobs online. Such jobs are not open for everyone unless a worker has successfully completed an assessment.


Clickworker withholds access to certain jobs until the assessment has been done. The downside is it takes considerable time for workers to get turns to take their assessments. In most cases when the worker clicks on the Assessment Button to take the assessment test, the message ‘There are currently no new project assessments available’ pops up.


Who Is Clickworker For?

The Clickworker programme benefits both workers who want to earn some cash including companies looking for clickworker services to carry out small tasks for their projects at very minimal costs.


I mean it when I say at very minimal costs because the costs are very low. For example, after taking considerable time conducting a 12-minute-survey,  a clickworker gets paid EUR 0.43. It all goes to show such earnings cannot fully meet the day to day costs of living unless if you choose to work just to supplement your other earnings from elsewhere.


Having said that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The clickworker platform is also a good source of income for students who struggle to live on small student allowances they get allocated each semester.


Half a loaf is better than nothing especially for the jobless folks and those who are housebound because of health issues that prevent them from getting up and about.


Training Overview

In terms of support, Clickworker makes video tutorials available on its platform with a  link to YouTube. The videos explain how the programme works from two angles: the client and the worker’s perspective.


In terms of costs, getting registered on clickworker is free of charge whether you are coming in as a customer or as a worker. Those who register to become workers are paid according to the number of jobs they complete. These payments are done in schedules. For certain surveys, it takes 60 days to get paid.


Make Referrals and Get Commissions!

If you have friends or acquaintances you recommend to join Clickworker you will get a referral bonus. For each newly registered clickworker who earns EUR 10.00, you will also earn EUR 5.00.


Final Opinion/Verdict 

Before I give you my final verdict about the Clickworker system, it is important for people to have a grasp of how the crowdsourcing system works and the motive behind.


Having this in mind, I have come to the conclusion the Clickworker Platform deserves a scoring rate of 8 out of 10. Unlike other methods that are done in controlled environments and are time-consuming, crowdsourcing tasks can be accomplished within a few minutes.


Also, they do not require long-term employment since participants do their small tasks to completion. The good side of crowdsourcing is the opportunities it gives to companies to collect data from populations with very diverse demographics.


Can I Make A Decent Living Working At Clickworker? 

The situation varies with individuals. Judging from people’s comments the work is not consistent and you can struggle during dry spells BUT certainly, it is a good way of supplementing your other sources of income.


Another hiccup is the payment scheme which is not reliable to allow all those who would want to get involved. Most importantly, the good news is the Clickworker project is not a scam but a trusty worth platform to find work.


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Hopefully, you find this review useful. Please, feel free to leave some comments below.








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  • I like this site with a lot of information on ways to make money online. Also, its easy to navigate.
    I gather from your review, the Clickworker platform is one viable way to explore and earn money online working from home.
    You have written a detailed comprehensive review of the Clickworker platform leaving me in full picture of the jobs done, the processes involved and who the platform is for.
    Also, thanks for informing us that its a legitimate work from home online programme and the type of work done there doesn’t consume much time.
    A Job Well Done!

    • Hello, Susan, thanks a lot for stopping by and your kind words. I am glad you found my site easy to navigate. That is so encouraging. I will continue to make this site easy to access. Also, I will continue to research on ways to make money online.
      The Internet has become the biggest platform where almost every business is being transacted. So, making my site use-friendly is key. Once again, many thanks for the feedback. i appreciate.


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