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Real ClickBank review

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This review is a response to a frequently asked question, Is Clickbank Legit Or A Scam? To find out the verdict, continue to read… 

Is Clickbank a pyramid scheme?

Clickbank is in the top 100 online retailers with 200 million customers. Clickbank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs who are digital marketers, Clickbank is in partnership with. 

ClickBank Affiliate Network

The other face to Clickbank’s operations is the affiliate network it has formed together with digital marketers. 

Here is the catch!
If you join the affiliate marketing programme, Clickbank will pay you some commissions.

Did you know you can earn commissions as high as 75%?  

As an affiliate, you will get paid some of the highest commissions out there! The reason is that ClickBank works with product creators to set the most competitive commissions.

Develop Partnerships to Increase Your Income

Using Clickbank’s unique joint venture program, you can easily split your earnings with other Clickbank partners. Don’t worry, you will be in control. It’s you who sets up the joint venture deals and share contracts you choose.

Clickbank’s role is to handle the payments side of things. This greatly helps collaboration become easier to manage.


ClickBank offers customers from all over the world an online marketplace where they can buy and also sell their products in a partnership relationship. This allows both the big fishes and small fishes to have a slice of the cake.

If ClickBank was not a legit platform, it would not attract marketers at such an international scale. This is my thinking.

ClickBank has one of the most robust payment processing systems. Its service is efficient, for it to able to facilitate the buying and selling of products on its platform. 

The fact that ClickBank has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee shows it cares not only for its brand but cares about its reputation and customers, aiming to guarantee maximum satisfaction to them.

The guarantees leave ClickBank customers reassured that if they are not thrilled with their products for whatever reason, they can request a refund.


There is no shadow of a doubt that ClickBank is a legit online platform. However, ClickBank affords space on its platform to marketers who want to sell their products, which is a kind gesture in my opinion.

It’s indisputable to say ClickBank provides the public with a suitable mechanism for retailing. However, there have been some complaints regarding certain products people purchased through the Clickbank platform.

Ebooks, in particular, have attracted a lot of bad press. You can easily read these reviews that have been left online. For example, headlines: ClickBank Complaints: Top 10 Reasons for Complaining Against ClickBank. 

Normally complaints are left by customers for products they would have purchased but are falling short of customers’ expectations. Such expectations would have been raised through product promotions and funnels.

The way the products were promoted seems to have been shouting the message that they are exceptionally good.

Promotional material such as testimonials, sales pages etc, would have made people believe they are high standard products yet they are total crap. So, customers vend their frustrations through product reviews.

Who is it for?

Clickbank wears more than one hat. It operates as an online retailer and also as an affiliate network. 

  1. It serves as an online retailer for a network of digital marketers to market their products.
  2. It is an online retailer for people to buy products.
  3. An individual can promote automatic up-sell offers and also free to promote products that offer customers upsell options as part of the purchase process.

Support / Training

Clickbank is committed to providing entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources for them to create, publish and market their products to ultimately grow their businesses.

Advanced Analytics

With ClickBank’s advanced reporting, you will have access to detailed data about impressions, clicks, and sales for your offers. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to fine-tune your campaigns to increase your earnings so that you will be credited with the sales you make.

ClickBank University

Clickbank helps its affiliate marketers to build Clickbank-based online businesses. Clickbank decided to launch the ClickBank University, a reputable source of information on how to launch a Clickbank-based business.

The other purpose of the university is to ensure its members have the very best information that’s dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

What’s Working Now 

To meet the goal ‘what works now’ ClickBank came up with the idea of a ClickBank University because the Internet is constantly changing.

Therefore, entrepreneurs must be shown specifically what’s working now for their online success. More importantly, they get shown by people in the trenches, who are doing it every day. 

By identifying things that are not working as expected will lead to making some adjustments. And as a result, making huge shortcuts to the learning curve. That way a lot of frustration is eliminated.

ClickBank University delivers the most up to date strategies, methods and tactics for you to build your ClickBank business rapidly.

Final Verdict

Clickbank is a legitimate online platform that provides a simple, effective platform for people to sell their products online.

That alone gives peace of mind. People are really worried to death about scammers roaming around online.

The most commonly sold products on ClickBank’s are information products such as eBooks, video training courses, audio guides and software. 

One of the most renowned programmes run by ClickBank is its affiliate marketing programme which has given many aspiring affiliate marketers a platform to participate.

There are plenty of big-time affiliates who make impressive earnings on the ClickBank network, so it’s not just for small-time players. If you feel the ClickBank network is suitable for you then feel free to join. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?

You may find out that ClickBank is not suitable for your business needs.

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