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It takes seconds to build your website with Namecheap website builder

To live your dream you must find genuine ways to make money online first. The internet is that lucrative place to build your business. Every successful business starts with a solid foundation – a website. Namecheap website builder is simple to use.

In my previous article, I talked about creating and growing your business with the SiteRubix website platform. Check out the article. To give you a broad range of services providers, today we are going to look at Namecheap.

Building a website at Namecheap platform has never been that easy. Namecheap uses a very simple and hassle-free process. I will walk you through all steps to build your website with Namecheap website builder. Watch the video.


Getting started with Shared Hosting at Namecheap

Hopefully, the information gives you an idea of how the website builder works. You start off by creating an account. The next thing is to place your order to buy your domain. At this stage, it’s important to explain that the choice is yours to choose where you get service. You are free to choose Namecheap to be your service provider for both domain and hosting. 

In the event that you prefer to have both services on the same platform, you can go ahead to place an order for hosting. Namecheap will email you a Hosting Welcome Guide with all the login details.

Setting Nameservers On Your Domain Registrar's Side 

Assuming you have bought your domain from Namecheap, the next thing you need to do is to choose the Nameserver shared packages you prefer.

Namecheap Nameserver packages include a Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business plan. For instance, after choosing the Stellar Plus (if its the one you want), you need to point your domains to the following nameservers.

  2. nameservers.

What if my domain is registered elsewhere?

You may have purchased your domain elsewhere but that doesn’t mean you can’t use at Namecheap platform. What you need to do next is point it to Namecheap hosting nameservers so that it is connected to your website by changing the DNS records. Check out

At Namecheap, the process of changing the nameservers may take up to 24 hours. Whatever route you choose, you are given clear guidelines to go by.


Coming to the stage of creating a website at Namecheap, it’s possible to build your website without content. I know it sounds surreal. Actually, its the easiest thing you can ever imagine in this day and age.

Having built some websites before on different platforms, I have the first-hand experience. In comparison to other hosting platforms, Namecheap is among a few with the easiest ways for website building.

Namecheap has a special tool called a Website Builder cPanel tool which allows you to easily create a website by using a drag-and-drop editor. 

Namecheap Website Builder and How to Use It

A new website builder is a cPanel tool that allows you to easily create an entire website by the dragging-and-dropping editor. You don’t need any knowledge of codes or installing special software. 

The process is made simple and straight forward by the website builder that has a built-in interactive video tutorial for each option and tool. Also, a detailed WordPress installation guideline is available for use which explains every step of the way.

This state of the art tool gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to learn a new program or pay someone else to build your new business website. To publish all your content with Website Builder, you simply drag, drop, click. 

You also have to select a theme from a huge variety of templates. After that, you are able to add pictures, contact forms, buttons and text to your website.
If you are building a business website to sell your products which may include taking online payments, add e-commerce tools to help you add a store, shopping cart or configure a payment processor.

Website Building Process

  1.  Adding Google Analytics and Maps.

  2. Develop pages in several languages.

  3. Simultaneously and integrate social media.

  4. Access to cPanel tool equipped with the Softaculous auto-installer, a free app that contains up to 200 scripts you can activate for your domain in a few clicks.

  5. WordPress is a great tool to get started.

  6. Customizable with hundreds of free awesome themes for it – the key points that make this website platform one of the most popular on the market.

  7. Using FTP

  8. You may already have a developed website it is possible to upload it to your hosting account via FTPFile Transfer Protocol.

  9. Guidelines for checking your website during DNS propagation are available.

  10. Getting your website indexed in Google.

  11. Once your website is ready, it’s time to attract the crowd and get it recognized by Google. You will be given some guidelines on how to do it. Including more information on search engine optimization process. 

  12. Adding another domain to your hosting account in the case where you have more than one domain. It’s possible for Namecheap to host and develop your website for you by adding it to your existing hosting account in a few simple steps.

  13. The guidelines covering the process are available.

In a nutshell, this entails the process of building your website at Namecheap including the hosting service.

If you have any questions in relation to this post, Build Your Website With Namecheap Website Builder, please leave them below, I will respond at the earliest convenience.

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