Build A Website To Make Money Online

Why you need to build a website

Your website is the foundation of your business. Every successful internet business relies on a useful website. To make money online you must have a functional website.

What is a functional website?

A functional website makes meaningful contribution to your business brand. 
No matter how good is your content, you will waste your time if it has no functional SEO. Without SEO your  website will be lost in Google’s dusty cellars.
The only remedy is to spend time taking care of the SEO side of your site. It pays back dividends in more traffic, more leads, more sales, and more success.
1. A functional website is a communication tool

A website is the most powerful and reliable tool for communication. No doubt it is an essential component of a successful business. One obvious result of not having a website is failure to achieve your set goals.

A website is source of information relevant to your audience

People of today heavily rely on the internet to search for products and services. if you have a website, your business will be discovered.

A website also gives you the added flexibility to reach out to your customers. It is accessible 24/7 to a certain audience e searching for information. It goes to show how important a  website is to the integral running of your business.

3. A website is a business foundation

A website is your business foundation. It is where all of your traffic is ultimately going to come. It’s the focal point where you will build your brand and trust within your industry.

Your website is also a marketing tool for promoting your own products or services in order to generate cash. You may choose not to promote your own products. Instead, you can promote other manufacturer’s products through affiliate marketing.

4. A website is a tool for consumers to reach you.

As a business owner, you need to be alert to know where your consumers are. Most importantly, to know the right place where your consumers can reach you. A website is that strategic place you need.

Where on earth can I get a reliable hosting service?

There are many hosting services out there to help you build your website including:

  3. HostGator
  4. Wealthy Affiliate

Reliable hosting service

There are plenty of websites hosting service to choose from. SiteRubix is one of the most trusted platforms with state of the art tools at your disposal. 

Building your website with SiteRubix is the smartest decision you can ever make. You will have access to the most advanced website and hosting platform in the world.

What makes the process of building your website at SiteRubix so simple?

SiteRubix, part of WA, is a one-stop provider where you literally get the A-Z type of help you need to lubricate your internet business. its service is  suitable for newbies or people who are still new to creating businesses on the internet.

The process of building your website at SiteRubix  platform literally takes less than 30 seconds. You’ll build a reliable website that is mobile-ready and revenue ready.

You will have access to the most integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking and security included within your platform. These features are not offered anywhere else in the world.

Build your website at SiteRubix

Why Choose SiteRubix?

  1. At SiteRubix you can run several multi-million-dollar websites from ONE platform and you will not outgrow the platform with  its 3,000+ Beautiful Designs. Your website design is personal and it’s always nice when you get to make a choice. Premium members have access to over 3,000+ beautiful themes that are ‘mobile’ ready. There is a design available for every type of niche website.

  2. Premium members are able to access over 51.000 website extensions they can use to enhance their websites in diverse ways. These extensions are easy to install and are for free!

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is world’s only all inclusive domain platform where you get access to all features that other domain registrars charge for.

  4. Also, premium members have access to features for every domain they register with Wealthy Affiliate. For example, SiteProtect, a feature with increased spam protection, including WHOIS Privacy Protection, among other features for website security. 24/7 Support, plus next year guarantee pricing. Unlimited Email Accounts, Advanced DNS Management and Instant Set-up.SiteSpeed amplifies your website speed in order to give better visitors’ experience.

  5. SiteHealth feature is for the overall health of your website which analyses the publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement/your engagement, plugins, website feedback, Google rankings and overall trust.

  6. SiteComments is a feature which explores your website engagement. You will have access to exchanging comments. Comments help you to amplify engagement on your website. 

  7. The SiteFeedback platform allows you to get community feedback from real people with respect to your website. This will allow you to efficiently improve your site in terms of design and conversions.

  8. SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption).

Website Building Packages At WA

SiteRubix Builder
At WA you are free to choose to build your website between SiteRubix and buying your own domain. SiteRubix is one of the top website builders in the world which comes with other services.

All Starter-members are given access to building a website on domain. This is a completely free website, which you can create under 30 seconds for free. However, the only limitation is starters can only build and host up to 2 free websites.

Build A Website On A Domain You Own.
The second option is to build your website on your OWN domain. Only Premium members are allowed to build and host up to 25 free websites. This gives you the ability to create 25 sites on your own domains (total 50 websites).

If you don't know how to choose a domain, don't worry WA will train you. 

Many newbies have no clue what type of domain to choose. Wealthy Affiliate will open your eyes to the world of websites and domains. You will get trained and you will know that having your own .com,.org, or .net domain carries a lot of weight.

When you have your own domain it means you have an Asset You Own. Having your own domain name is ideal and gives you a huge competitive advantage when it comes to running a successful business online.

Choosing A Domain

Your domain name needs to be brandable and to be relevant. One thing is you cannot change your domain name once it has gone LIVE. If you choose Wealthy Affiliate to be your host, you will get access to register your own domain within Wealthy Affiliate making use of its advanced SiteDomains platform, a very efficient and sophisticated tool. This tool is designed in a way to set-up your own domain instantly.

Can I transfer my already built website to a new provider?

Wealthy Affiliate recently introduced the MOVE process of being able to transfer your domains to its service. It was a smart move because it makes the customers enjoy a one-stop shopping experience!

Why comments matter on your website?

The moment you become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you automatically join a very large community. This gives you a rare opportunity to interact with other members and to ask for feedback.

Wealthy Affiliate has a comment and feedback system in place which allows members to request feedback and comments on their websites from fellow members. In return for good favour, they too are expected to give comments and feedback.

Endless Opportunity. Zero Risk. WA Website Platform The most powerful websites in the world, you can grow with


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4 thoughts on “Build A Website To Make Money Online

  1. This sounds like a much better website builder system software than BlgSpot. Blogspot has so many problems. For example, you can not control the ads on your page. What about this site rubix thing? Are you in full control over your ads? Or are you forced to display ads that you don’t earn from?

  2. This sounds like a much better website builder system software than BlgSpot. Blogspot has so many problems. For example, you can not control the ads on your page. What about this SiteRubix thing? Are you in full control over your ads? Or are you forced to display ads that you don’t earn from?

    1. Thank you, Ben, for your comment.
      The good thing about Site Rubix is that I am free to promote my product sales using affiliate links. Also, I can use my Site Rubix affiliate links wherever I like. When someone takes me up on my free website, I will get full affiliate credit for that.

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