Can I Make Money Blogging?


How to make money blogging for beginners

It’s not unusual to come across headlines of people who are making huge sums of money blogging.

Is It Possible to Start A Blog For Free And Make Money?
Starting a blog for money is one of the several ways you can try to make money online. There is ample evidence to show it works as long as you use the right blueprint model.

Exactly what is a Blog?
The word blog can be confusing for some people. A blogger is a regular content writer on the internet, writing about personal thoughts and experiences. For example, writing a food blog to share recipes, tips, and restaurant reviews.

A weblog is a website that is like a diary or journal. Most people can create a blog and then write on that blog. 

How do bloggers make money from blogging?

Many people get so excited by the idea of getting rich quick and wonder how bloggers make money from blogging.

Honestly speaking, to learn and to start making money blogging doesn’t happen overnight and you will not wake up one morning and find yourself at the top of earners. running a flourishing business.

It takes time and effort to blog every day before you start making money from your blog. 

How to monetise your writing – In 2 Ways 

  1. Monetize your blog or your content.
  2. Monetize your writing skills. For example, by selling your product which can be your writing services or selling your eBook.


How to start your website to make money

The definition of a blog clearly shows that to run a successful business blogging you must have a website.

I can’t overemphasise the importance of having your website.

A website is the foundation of your business. This is where you create content and promote your products through affiliate links.

If you have not yet created a website, check out Build a Website To Make Money Online.

Why you need a blog niche

When it comes to blogging you can’t blog about everything under the sun. To narrow your focus, you must find your niche.

A niche is your area of specialisation. It can be a hobby or an area you’d want to learn more about.

For example, fishing or learning more about designer handbags.

Blogging is something you have to do regularly. So, its important that you find an area (niche) you are passionate about.

When you blog about issues close to your heart it makes all the difference. This will make it a more enjoyable experience.

Something you continually look forward to. And be mindful of your website visitors who benefit from the wealth of knowledge on your site.

Through niche writing, you will get ranked in search engines like Google. You can do this across different niches.

It can be micro-niche or you may decide to choose a larger niche. With a larger niche, you can create a bigger business with a larger audience.

How to drive traffic to your website

 Without people visiting your site, you have NOONE to sell your products. This is a key area you need to work so that you get actual people to visit your website.

How do I make people discover my website?

If your website is invisible to searchers, it means there is No Business.

One way of making people discover your website among a multitude of other websites is by using a Keyword Research Tool for creating content.

Equally, important is the content you create. Your content must be in line with the keywords in your niche.

Whenever you create content for your website, make sure every post targets a keyword.

By so doing, you are allowing every post to rank in search engines namely: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

This works well in attracting large volumes of traffic (website searchers).

For more information about the best Keyword tool to use, check out the Keyword Research Tool

Once you have set-up your website and it’s up and running, its time to implement the guidelines for monetizing your blog. 

1. What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

ways to make money online

The Cycle of Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is among many ways to make money online you can tap into.

The way affiliate marketing works are very simple. Affiliate marketing allows you to promote products or services for companies online.

To bring it closer home, I have used a scenario shown in the diagram ‘Cycle of Affiliate Marketing.

  1. In the diagram, a customer is searching for travel bags (products) on the internet.
  2. The customer lands on (website).
  3. The Customer clicks on an Ad (with a link) on the website.
  4. The link transfers the customer to the Amazon website. When you join an affiliate program, you are given a special link you put on your site to promote products.
  5. The customer buys a suitcase on the Amazon website.
  6. Amazon pays the website owner a referral commission

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing 

Most independent companies have affiliate programmes e.g. Express and Amazon.

There are millions of affiliates which people can join to promote certain products.

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly massive industry. The advantage is you don’t need to manufacture any products yourself.

Your role is to drive people to your website.

Once they buy, you get a commission. The commission’s people are paid vary depending on the type of product they are promoting. 

2. Affiliate Marketing Examples – Get Paid to Write Reviews (Leveraging Product Reviews) 

Besides affiliate marketing, you can make money online by writing Quality Reviews for products.

To make it, you need to write reviews that your audience will understand. 

How Do I Achieve This? 
Creating excellent reviews is one sure way of attracting people to buy products you are promoting.

Research findings have revealed that consumers generally trust peer recommendations more than they trust advertising.

You can get people to buy something through the affiliate programme you are promoting.

Your reviews should offer some insights into the pros and cons of the product for you to come across as authentic and not a salesperson.

At the end of your review, you can leverage by asking people to buy the products you recommend.

For example, you can review an affiliate programme of your choice and at the end, you give people an option to join.

Once people join or make a purchase, you will get a commission.

This is how you can earn money through affiliates programmes, blogging on your website and driving significant revenue.

3. AdSense 

To add, you can make money online by applying for the Google AdSense programme.

All you need to do is to sign up for an account with Google Adsense.

After approval, you can log in and get an Ad Code which you can add to your site.  

Google AdSense is a free advertising programme which allows website owners to earn revenue by displaying ads that are relevant to their site content.

The way it works is that each time a site visitor clicks an Ad on your web pages, Google will pay you.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This is a free keyword research tool which Google provides as part of its Adwords program.

This tool is very effective in researching profitable niches and keywords.

The tool works very well and you can use it for free.

4. Make Money Marketing Your Product 

Did you know you can make money online offering your product?

For instance, your writing services. In the case of writers, services you can monetise include: Article Writing, eBook Writing, Writing Reviews and Virtual Support.

To market yourself effectively, you can make use of your Hire Me Page. 

A Hire Me page has great potential for reaching out to many customers.

5. Join Amazon Associates

To join Amazon as an Associate you need to apply first. Associates have access to Amazon links which they can share from their websites.

If customers buy products from Amazon as a result, you will get a commission. Commission rates vary from 4% to 15%. 

For your information, Amazon is a big, well-established and reputable store.

All you need to do is to go through its departments with thousands of products you can promote.

6. Affiliate Marketing Example – Earn Revenue Promoting Online Entrepreneur Certification

I have explained, once you have an audience (traffic) you can start driving revenue to your website through affiliate programs which you are free to join.

 Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification is an affiliate product to watch out for. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can send traffic to Wealthy Affiliate (company website) and WA will pay you a commission of up to 75% of your visitors buy something.

Online Certification
 The Wealthy Affiliate Online training walks you through the process of creating your own business in your niche.

The training does not only simplify processes. It is the most sophisticated training platform in the industry aimed at newbies including advanced marketers.

It equips people with knowledge on creating successful and long-term businesses online.

Hopefully, this post is helpful. This is not an exhaustive list of so many ways of making money blogging.

Please feel free to leave some comments below and share your own experiences around monetising a blog.

The Keyword and Research
Platform For Affiliate Marketers

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