Amazon Affiliate Review – Is Amazon Worth It?

Is Joining Amazon Affiliate A Sheer Waste Of Time?

Name: Amazon
Website: Amazon
Rating: 9 out of 10

Through my Amazon Affiliate Review, I intend to give you information that will make you understand how the affiliate programme works. It’s up to you to decide if its the right affiliate programme for you to join.

Firstly, I will walk you through the process of joining the Amazon Affiliate Network. It has a reputation for being the best affiliate marketing programmes around. 


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Ways To Make Money Online

In today’s e-commerce, affiliate marketing is the business of buying and selling goods on the internet.

A substantial amount of revenue worldwide is coming from Affiliate Marketing. Leaving us with no doubt that its a viable business area we can tap into.


Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Works 

The affiliate model is very simple. It is a system where the AFFILIATE promotes product or services online for companies (MERCHANTS). This is done through affiliate programs. When you join an affiliate program, you are given a special link you put on your site to promote their products. 

Affiliate is a website owner. Affiliate Marketing involves e-commerce merchants paying affiliates for traffic coming to their websites (merchant’s website). Amazon is one of the merchants. In other words, Affiliate marketing is a system of accessing customers via an affiliate website.


In turn, the merchant will pay commissions for the affiliate referrals based on actual sales. Sales that come as a result of buyers assessing or ‘clicking through’ to a merchant’s site.

E. Simon’s (2001) definition is more precise 
Affiliate programmes offer affiliates referral fees in return for directing potential customers to a merchant’s website. Adding, affiliates are generally paid from the number of leads converted by the merchant into a customer. They are paid-per-conversions or per number of leads referred to the merchant and payed-per head.

Did You Know You Can Join ONE Affiliate Network Affiliate “networks” are centralized collections usually 1,000’s of affiliate programs that you can join through one network? It’s more convenient in that you can promote many different programs at the same time (even in different niches) and receive one payment. The following are examples of these networks.

Commission Junction, Awin, LinkShare, ShareASale

Amazon Affiliate Programme – Who Is It For?

The Amazon programme is not the only affiliate programme you can join. In fact, there are plenty of programmes out there you can explore. However,  you need to take some precaution to avoid scams.

Besides the Amazon Affiliate programme, which is a legitimate, are more including Wealthy Affiliate, Click Bank and

If you decide to pick  any one particular affiliate programme, firstly, you need to complete an application form. Most programmes require you to go through an application process for you to be eligible.

Joining the Amazon Affiliate Programme is one of several ways to start earning money on the internet. There is ample evidence to prove this programme is authentic, it really works and quite a reputable programme.

Why Join Amazon Affiliate Programme?

Before I explain how you can become an Amazon Associate, I will begin with explaining how the affiliate programme works so that you have an overview of everything that’s involved.

The Amazon Associates programme was started in 1996 and its e-commerce experience has become extensive. Amazon Associates have also increased over the years with many website owners joining the programme. 

These associates are coming from all walks of life and all corners of the world but with one thing in common. They all aim to make the most of Amazon’s e-commerce platform to leverage and make huge profits.

How Do I Become An Amazon Associate?

It’s important to understand the right time you should apply to become an Amazon Affiliate. Although joining the affiliate programme is for free, you still need to meet a certain criterion. 


To be able to participate in the Amazon Affiliate programme, you need to own a website. Still on the website issue, if you feel that you need help with building your own website and maintaining it, Wealthy Affiliate is the one I recommend to CREATE your own website with its state of the art tools.

The big advantage of building your website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate is the guidance you will get step by step all the way. Your website is up and running within seconds.

 Joining Amazon Affiliate Programme – The Process

  • The joining process will require Amazon to assess your website first to make sure you qualify.
  • Also, Amazon needs to check if you have the relevant content on your website. This because Amazon expects you to meet certain standards to be able to promote its products.
  • The most important thing you need to qualify, which I have already mentioned, is a website already up and running.

  • In addition to having a website, you should have published at least 10-15 articles of a high standard. Let me emphasize that approval is only given to websites of a good standard of great content.

  •  Let’s say you do qualify, Amazon will go ahead to approve your application and welcome you to the programme.
  • Once you get approved, you do not need to gain approval for any extra websites that you will build. However, at a later stage, if your site is found no longer suitable, Amazon may terminate its agreement. 
  • Another important thing to remember is if you haven’t made any sales after 3 months, Amazon will drop you.

What Happens After Approval?

If you have enough content on your website you can go ahead to apply for membership as an Amazon Associate.

  • First and foremost,  you need to create your Amazon Account for free. Please note that you are able to do this via the Amazon website. 
  • For you to have an account, you should also have either an email or mobile phone number. Signing for an Amazon account gives you access to Sign-in and access Amazon’s Unique Associate IDs.
  • Your Associate ID will be embedded in the code that you can use to start referring customers to Amazon products and services from your website. 

How Do I Monetise My Website?

  • Simply, by adding your Associate Tag to your API requests. Do not worry about these technical terms ‘API’ and ‘Tags.’
  • Amazon has an Education Centre online with in-depth articles including tutorials, to give you practical help on how to get your website stand out and teach you how to monetize it in an effective way.

The Amazon programme in the UK alone has over a million products. Amazon is a trusted seller and has earned the trust of thousands of its buyers. 

You can earn up to 10% commission depending on the type of product you are promoting on your website. Also, depending on the amount of traffic and conversions you ultimately get on a regular basis.

Any Support?

  • As mentioned earlier, Amazon runs an Education Centre with a wide range of articles and tutorials that will give you practical help to get your website noticed and to perform well.
  • Information about Domains and Hosting for beginners. 
  • How to use Amazon Associates and creating your first text link. 
  • How to Improve Your Copy and Improve Your Conversions. 
  • Ways To Improve Your SEO. 

Hopefully, you find my review informative to give you a picture of how the Amazon Affiliate marketing programme works. If you have any questions in relation to my Amazon Affiliate Review – Is It Worth It? please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can. 

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