Amazeowl Review – Is It Worth It?


Product name: Amazeowl
Price: Free Starter

Selling products on Amazon is one of many ways to make money online. Its a tried and tested way. The first step to sell on the Amazon marketplace is to identify your product.

This is where Amazeowl tool comes in. I started selling online on eBay marketplace. To expand my business, I moved to Amazon using the business account. I knew to do well I had to do a research to find the the best product that meets market demand. So, to achieve this I needed a reliable tool.

Is Amazeowl Free download a sheer waste of time?

Amazeowl desktop app: Amazeowl is the tool I discovered helps sellers with accurate information for launching a winning product on Amazon.

To get the most out of the Amazeowl tool you need to download the Amazeowl desktop app from Once you’ve completed your Amazeowl Free Download, you are free to use the app to find and track products.

How to use Amazeowl: Using this tool you are able to find potential products including monthly searches for that product.

Hunt for Products Feature: This feature allows you to Select your market for research at Amazon USA, Amazon UK including other marketplaces in Europe.

Potential Products Feature: Once you choose your market, your product search begins. You can hunt by keyword or ASIN, hunt by bestsellers and product database.

My product search Results: I did a search for a screen protector and the tool unearthed a lot of data covering the following.

  • Product monthly searches
  • How many strong competitors
  • Product Selling Price and how much profit you will make

iPhone xr Screen Protector – My tracked Product

Monthly searches



2 of 4,000

Buy price


Net Profit


Google Trends Median reviews

1919 / 368

Median price


Total Daily Sales / Revenue

6 / £22

Demand Level


Data Completeness


Ease of Entry Level


Data Completeness


Net Profit Level


Data Completeness


What I like about the Product

  • The Amazeowl tool is so easy to use. In no time you are able to pull the data you need for choosing a product, just by scrolling through Amazon.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The Amazeowl tool allows you search millions of product ideas via Amazon product database with so much ease. It explains the opportunity to you in plain English.
  • Products are ranked with a simple 5 star system to show you the ease of entry, demand and potential profit. You get the accurate data you need to understand your market and get equipped to differentiate your product and launch it on Amazon.
  • Get insights into the best images to use, how many reviews you need to compete and the right pricing strategy for your product.
  • Also, able to drive more buyers to your product with keyword monitoring to see the impact of changes.
  • Can I Trust AmazeOwl?: AmazeOwl is well-known within the Amazon selling community and has over 4,000 people joining every month.
  • How Accurate Is AmazeOwl?: Most people prefer using it for estimating sales data as compared to other tools like Jungle Scout. This helps sellers to make some informed decisions.  Thus, its an excellent tool for a new player on the market.

What I don’t like about this product

  • If you use the Amazeowl web version instead of the app download you will be disappointed because it doesn’t give you full access to the data.
  • AmazeOwl is designed to help sellers in finding the best product to sell on Amazon rather than drop shipping or arbitrage businesses.
  • The UK version only allows you to do a few searches before you’re requested to upgrade to premium membership. If you’re new to using the Amazeowl tool, you will not benefit much unless you have money for an upgrade.

Who is it for?

Amazeowl is a great tool to do a search on Amazon. Anyone who wants to sell products on Amazon marketplace can use it. It is reputable tool for helping more than 4,000 people take their first steps in starting their Amazon businesses every month.

Therefore, it’s a tool for everyone who sells on Amazon or those who are planning to start selling. It’s a must-have which will enable you track a huge number of products and compile information important to your product research.


10 Days Product Training is included in all plans. The Amazeowl tool is not only a thorough primary source of data but has an incredible supportive community surrounding it.

Amazeowl a Problem solver!

Being new to doing things does not make launching your business easy. By making use of the Amazeowl tool, aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers are able to find and launch products on Amazon.

Most members join with no experience at all. Thanks to Amazeowl tool that makes them learn how to launch their first product and build an Amazon business to give them the freedom and flexibility to work how they want.

When I launched my research I did not do a thorough research first to find out about Amazon fees. When I used Amazeowl tool to search for that particular product it showed me the selling price I was supposed to list the product with to make a profit.

The tool also enables you as a seller to achieve a handful of things.

  • Launch multiple products
  • Beat the competition to be able to run a successful business online.
  • Continue to monitor the market whilst sourcing your product you are able to stay one step ahead of the competition. The tool makes you see daily changes your competitors make to their price, images, titles and keywords.
  • Adjust your strategy to out beat your competitors 

Is AmazeOwl Free?

The starter plan for AmazeOwl is completely free and includes main product research features. However, if you opt for the Growth and Established plans with additional features including  product database, you pay for it at a very low cost. You are given grace period of 10 days to try for free.

Final Thoughts

AmazeOwl is an awesome tool. It helps aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers find and launch products and to validate a winning product idea. This helps you as a seller to deeply understand your market and make the right decisions with confidence. Having confidence gives you the freedom to build a business that makes you choose the work pattern most suitable for you.

AmazeOwl makes it so much easier to research products in detail unlike other apps which do not provide sellers the finer details that Amazeowl does.

Its good that at first a seller can use this program for free to find products to sell of Amazon. The seller can choose to supersize by paying a small monthly fee to get access to a database of products that have already been researched and have been chosen to have high potential.

If you have questions about my post, ‘Amazeowl Review-Is it worth it?’ please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can. You may have bought the Amazeowl tool please feel free to share what your experience has been like.


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