7 Proven Social Media Benefits For Business

Social Media Boosts Your Site Social Value


In our continuous search for various ways to make money online, today let’s look at social media benefits for your internet business. Obviously, social media plays a massive role to boost your site social value. Let me reveal to you proven strategies for social media engagement. They will work too for your business.


Most of us are familiar with Social networks we regularly use Facebook, Google + and Instagram, among others. However, the most important thing is in knowing how to use them. How to utilise them in a way efficient for your business including knowing how to leverage social networks to boost your internet business.


Every successful business online starts with a solid foundation, a website. Let me congratulate you on your accomplishments so far assuming you have already completed the preliminary step of starting your online business including building your own website.


First Steps to Start Your Business Online


(1) Find Your Niche.

(2) Build a website.

(3) Attract Visitors

(4) Earn Revenue


What Are The Benefits of Social Media?


Social engagement is all to do with having space. Space where people can hang out to discuss topics with friends and acquaintances. Space for sharing news, for getting suggestions and advice, to share images and videos. A place where people socialise about every topic imaginable.


Through social engagement, your business stands to benefit A LOT from placing adverts. Facebook and Twitter lead the way on the advertising model side of things. With Pinterest joining the advertising model recently. If you decide to travel the Ads road there are many options to choose from. Social Networks with Ads include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can either advertise on them or choose alternative ways. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter will cost you money. Alternatively, you can use Social Networks with no or with limited Ads such as Google +.


There are other FREE social strategies you can use. For example, you can build your own following to build your social marketing foundation. Also, having social clout helps and some engagement on your website, a metric that is being used by search engines these days to determine your rank.


What Social Engagement Means to Your Business


I have no shadow of a doubt that at this stage you have now reached you have been creating quality content for your website. The next crucial move for you now is to make sure your site visitors are going to share your beautiful content with the rest of the world. Let’s look at the various social aspects to incorporate into your website so that it becomes social and more engaging and in turn, this will get you more traffic.



(1) You will build a powerful brand and reputation.

(2) Enable you to create REACH besides that of search engines.

(3) You will be able to offer your customers an INSTANT medium to get help.

(4) To enable you to allow people to share your content (more reach).

(5) To generate new business, new customers, and more traffic.

(6) To get better rankings and build social authority with your pages and posts.


Getting Your Website Socially Ready

(1) Write engaging, interesting and helpful content. Most visitors will be more than happy to share good quality content with their social networks.


(2)  Add a social plugin. There are various plugins to look out for. I recommend a ‘sociable’ plugin because it’s easy to implement and tends to work with most website themes.


(3) How To Install the Plugin – go to the Plugin area in the WordPress Admin section and search for ‘social’. Afterwards, install the plugin.


Create Your accounts within 4 Main Social Networks

(1) Facebook Account

Go to the sign-up page to register for Facebook. Spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image and adding a few friends that you may know.


(2) Create a Twitter Account

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Twitter account.


(3) Google +

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Google Plus account.


(5) Create a Pinterest Account

Your next step is going to be to set-up a Pinterest account.


Make Your Website A Place for Engagement


We all write our content with the ultimate goal to ENGAGE. How it works is simple. The more social networks you can provide people to communicate, share, and engage, the more reach you are going to get without relying on search engine traffic only.


Aim to diversify your traffic. If you have followers who are always on the lookout for your new content, you are going to naturally get additional traffic and potentially a good deal of it with ALL the content that you create.


At this stage, you should now be having a social plugin on your website. It’s one of the main components of social engagement which allows people to share any of your website content on their social profiles. If you create quality content, you will get a good deal of traffic because of this.


The Power of Comments 


Have comments set-up on all your blog posts. Within each blog post, you can add comments. Getting back to people within your comments is quintessential for branding and future engagement on your site. Have a rule where you try to get back to your visitors within 24 hours, ideally sooner. The quicker you are, the more people will engage on your site and the more often you can have a conversation.


Ask People to Engage!


People are often left with an opinion or a question after reading an article or a page on your website. If you encourage people by asking them to perform an action, they are much more likely to do it. Who doesn’t want help and who wouldn’t love to join in a conversation online in something they are interested in?


Engagement Through Comments Leads to Better Rankings.


Google ranks content higher based on engagement and social value, how much it is shared socially, and the comments within it. Google also has a clever idea of what is a real comment and what is a fake comment. The more substance you have to your comments and the more thorough your responses are, the more powerful they are to your site.


Not all comments are good though. Spammers are crafty and avoid potentially harmful links and comments (in terms of SEO) being put on your site. Spammers can be tricky, and plugins are not going to prevent all of your spam. Clean out the SPAM and here are the criteria for identifying spam.


Comment not addressing the content of your post shows they haven’t read it. 


Dropping a link to their site that is completely irrelevant.


Using something other than a real name for their name (example, website name).


Have a Plan – Create a New Page of Content 


Create a page or post on your site on any topic or keyword you like. Your content must be engaging, interesting and written naturally and aiming to boost social engagement. In the end, within the last paragraph, ask people to leave a comment or a question and let them know you will get back to them. Remember, this will lead to more sharing and better rankings in the search engines if you can get people communicating within your content.


Share Your Content on Your Social Networks 


Your last task is going to be sharing your latest page or post via all your social networks. This includes Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest. Please check my next post, ‘Using Facebook the Right Way.’


Tips and General Advice


The reason why some people are reluctant to post much on Facebook is many of their family and friends they are in touch with would expect them to share photos and family information. Create a Facebook Page instead. Your Facebook profile page is for business purposes. Remember Facebook is a social site. So, you can make a Facebook fan page or business page for your business activity.


Don’t waste your valuable time by “hanging out” on Facebook or another social medium. That is not social marketing but wasting time. If you plan on being productive on a social network, then you need to have a plan and you need to understand where to spend your time. There are only a certain number of hours per day and you are better off having no social marketing plan at all if you are just there to hang out.


If you have any questions related to how you can go social for your internet business can benefit from social media, please feel free to ask questions. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible.

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