15 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online

Is It True Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online?


Since the day you built your website you have been creating content after content. There is no doubt you have been extremely busy sharing your posts on social media. But that alone does not guarantee you success. There are many people who tried to make money online blogging and ended giving up. This leaves us with one burning question. Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

(1) Did You Choose A Profitable Niche?

So, far you have written over 200 posts. Not a single one of them has been ranked, at least, on Google’s first 5 pages.

Paying a closer look at your content we find that it’s a mixed bag of niches. It’s difficult to figure out your niche whether you are in the travel niche or holiday destinations niche. In any case, the travel niche is broad enough to deal with.

What happens when you choose a broad niche?

Writing for a broad niche makes your blogs take longer to rank leading to conversions.

The key to choosing your niche (a group of people looking for stuff) is to be very specific. If you go too broad it will be difficult for you to talk to your audience.

Had you chosen a suitcase niche or a loose belly fat niche, it would have been easy for you to write targeted blogs that easily convert. As it is now, your niche is too broad. It’s all becoming clearer to me why you have failed to make sales from affiliate links you have displayed on your website.


How can you make sales without an AUDIENCE you are targeting?
When you have a targeted audience it’s easy to figure out what they are searching for.

(2) Content Too Short To Address Audience Issues 

The second big issue I have picked from your website is your content length. Three-quarters of your posts hardly go above 500 words, which is too short. 

Let me justify why I say so. Why not write blogs that are long enough to help your audience with information that fully addresses their problems? Most bloggers can’t be bothered to write lengthy articles that are rich with content simply because there is no ample time to do so.


‘Sitting down to do some research takes ages. Besides it’s not easy to identify my audience’s pain points’ these are some of the lame excuses bloggers often give.

However, looking at today’s modern age, sources of information are inexhaustible. By just browsing through your niche magazines you will definitely come across volumes of information that could be of interest to your audience.

If you hang out on social media, you will get tonnes of ideas. On Pinterest, for example, you will pick up many ideas to blog about. You get a glimpse of what other bloggers in your niche are blogging about.

(3) Is It Because You Chose The Wrong Website Theme?

Looking at your website theme, you made a perfect choice and chose a classic, clear theme with excellent speed. You even outsourced web design support to give your site a professional touch. All the effort and work invested so far seem to have gone down the drain. Up to this day, you haven’t made any money blogging.

(4) Joining Affiliate Marketing Programmes Too Early

To make matters worse, you went ahead to join an affiliate marketing programme soon after completing your 5th blog post. In any case, these posts were too short. What you did next was, in my opinion, the greatest mistake. You made it a point to plant massive banners on every page and deliberately choosing the large sized ones.

Honestly speaking, what effect would such banners have on your website? Remember your visitors come to your site to look for information to help solve their problems. As soon as they land on your blog page, they scan through to see if your blog has what it takes to bring a solution to their problems. What grabs their attention is this big banner that pops up with a picture of half- naked people, which is very aggravating for visitors.

Hold on a minute! What has this picture to do with a website with a suitcase niche? The next thing your visitor will do is to click on the banner just to find out more about the picture.

Amazingly, the banner whisks your visitor away to a different site. Sadly, this will be the last time we see your visitor because there is nothing worth returning to on your website. The banners your visitors get to see, are they related to what your blog title says? This is why your visitors quickly leave your website before they even finish reading your content.

Affiliate marketing programmes are quite good to use to monetise your blog. That is if you use them at the right time.


(5) Banners and Ads

Adding banners which are not related to your niche and just throwing them haphazardly makes your website look amateurish and a bit dodgy. No visitor will take you seriously. Banners are really good provided they are sending the right messages. Also, they are used sparing in the right places and used in conjunction with a call to action.

(6) Call For Action

What is a call to action? This is when you make a statement to your readers about the actions you want them to take. This works well when you use an irresistible call to action which assures your visitor that all risks have been taken care of and eliminated.

(7) User-Friendly Experience 

I may come across as someone who is too picky but the truth is website visitors are sensitive to what they see. Without having a good user experience on your website they quickly hit the EXIT button.

What does users experience mean? It is an experience your visitor will have after you have put everything in place so that your website visitors find it easy to navigate your website.

(8) Failure To Write SEO Friendly Content

The success of a blogger heavily relies on the really useful skill of being able to write SEO friendly posts. This is achieved by using   KeywordsFailure to write SEO friendly content is a serious matter with disastrous effects on your internet business as you will be writing content that fails to lead to any conversion.

(9) Following Groups In Your Niche

You may be frequently sharing your blogs on social media but if it’s not targeted to benefit you in a certain way it’s a waste of time. You need to join groups in your niche and start posting some blogs including leaving comments on other people’s sites.


We all know that one good turn deserves another. Usually, our actions will not go unnoticed and will be reciprocated instead. Do not underestimate the value of website comments. Comments are good for SEO. How does it work? Any comments that are left for your blogs and the responses you give back are likely to boost your rankings.

(10) Having No Mentor

Being a lone ranger in the blogging business will not help you at all. What you need is a mentor who guides you along your journey so that you avoid falling into pitfalls. A mentor who has been there, who knows what it takes. Someone who knows the blogging business sector to be able to tell you off from straying.

(11) No Emailing List

When is a good time to start an email campaign? The recommended time is when you have written a substantial amount of content on your website. Email marketing is very effective for building trust with your audience. Also, for selling products without saying so.

(12) Patience Makes Perfect

Many people are not patient enough to work their socks off before seeing any form of returns. They tend to forget Rome was not built in one day. Patient people are steadfast and this special attribute will help them to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes. Being patient means you understand the concept of the business cycle.


(13) Planning and Sticking To Plan

Time is of essence and planning ahead of major annual events certainly pays off. For example, you are better off promoting Christmas products well in advance so that in due season you simply click the PUBLISH button. In no time your blog will be in the hands of the rightful customers. The earliest bird catches the worm.

(14) Website Hosting

The blogger in this case study I am reviewing is said to have opted for a free website hosting service. What is the catch –  because what is free is not really free? Almost always, free hosting providers make money by putting advertisements on free pages.

These pages will display ads on them that you did not place there. The scary thing is when a free host uses popups. Free web hosting sites have terms and conditions with strings attached to them.

Having a reliable website hosting service might save you from forking out a lot of money. I know money gets in the way to afford hosting services. Wealthy Affiliate is a reliable hosting provider you can join for FREE with no strings attached and with no credit card. 

(15) Lack of Passion

Running a blog in a niche you are not passionate about does not always work.

(16) Competition From Other Blogs

Many bloggers have to compete against professional bloggers who are well-established. Having said that, I believe if you’re passionate about your niche coupled with having a voice of your own, you will make it in your own right. 

In conclusion, when you start a blog and instantly have too much monetisation on your blog, things like too many affiliate links and banners, they put off your blog visitors. This tarnishes your online reputation and it will take time to recover. Also, making dishonest recommendations for programmes that you haven’t used is easily detectable by visitors. Try to figure out the views and thoughts of your visitors at the back of your mind each time you are creating content.

If you prefer a blogging training, I recommend an online blogging course I know. You can try it at first to see how it goes without any obligations.



Do not hesitate to leave any questions you might have below about my post, ’15 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online.’ 
I will be pleased to respond at the earliest convenient time. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.





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  • Thank you very much, Femia, for this in-depth review on why bloggers fail.
    It feels like you were writing this article for me. I relate to most of the reasons you listed here.
    I have a blog and I am also struggling to monetise it. I have made the exact mistakes you have mentioned. For example, I have been writing very short blogs. Also, my niche is too broad.

    Its a travel niche and please advise me on the best way forward.
    I will take your advise on board to see how it goes from today onwards. I can’t thank you enough. I enjoyed reading your blog!

    • Hello, Tendy, thank you for setting time aside to leave me some remarkable comments.
      I am very pleased you gained something. I believe reading my post took you a considerable amount of time. I am glad to hear that you relate with some of the reasons I mentioned in my blog, ‘Why Bloggers Fail?’
      Coming to your question, travel is a broad niche. Try to narrow it down to something specific. For example, a niche for a particular brand of a travel bag.
      Hopefully, that makes sense. Do not hesitate to ask further questions about anything you need to be clarified. Once again, many thanks for stopping by.


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