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I’m Femia, I created this site to help folks like yourself find genuine ways to make money online.

I’m happy to share my experiences knowing how challenging it can be to find information on how to make money online for beginners. I intend to empower individuals launch their first businesses that give them the freedom and flexibility to work how they want. Start to Make Money Fast Today …….


Ways To Make Money Online
Walk with me on my journey. Let's do this together!


This site is for anyone searching for legit ways to make money online. Someone who wants to create a website on their own, work as a freelancer or create passive income online. As well as those who are not 100% sure how to start successful online businesses.

Frankly speaking, it’s not easy to find genuine ways to make money online. Moreover, it consumes a lot of time.

Ways to make money online
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How to start a business online - Where do I start?

Don’t worry if you’re stuck, you’re not alone. Knowing where to start can be a problem for many people. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. This site will help you save your precious time and signpost you to tried and tested ways to make money online including the basics for starting your online business.

Even if you are new to HTML, don’t let it worry you. All you should do is to sit back and read content on this site that has been specifically created with you in mind.

Can You Make Money Online In Midlife?

It's Never Too Late To Live Your Dream

”I’m too old to make money online.” 
Often we hear that said but age is just a number. I
t’s never too late to make money online matter how old you’re. To be your own boss, doing what you love is something within reach. The world today, is full of testimonies of people who have made it and are making a lot of money online. The truth is we become bolder as we grow older. More and better chances come your way after reaching mid-age.
The exciting thing is you will work in the comfort of your own home and also work from anywhere. 

Are You Afraid of Making Mistakes?

We all make mistakes, have struggles and have regrets about our past.
But you are not your mistakes, you are here
now with the power to shape your day and your future.

Quote: Steve Maraboli

Scammers Are On The Increase

You may have made some serious mistakes in the past. Its normal and part of business growth.
You may have made the biggest mistake of your life the time you joined a
GET-RICH-QUICK scheme which had enticed you with its empty promises and
now you see yourself as a big loser. You’re now thinking of throwing in the towel. What matters now is to turn your negative experiences into positive outcomes.
Such a turnaround can only come from learning from your mistakes.

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Start Your Internet Business Working From Anywhere

Successful online businesses should have 4 ingredients

  1. A Website: A website is the foundation of your business and the storefront of your business.
  2. Expert Help & Training: Getting expert help and training is very important from the onset, when  you online business starts. Simple education on how to create a successful, long term business within the online space.

Did you know that there are about  3.7  billion people online? It goes to show that it doesn’t matter what niche you choose because you can be very successful in whatever niche you pick. As long as you’re interested in something or passionate about something, your internet business will grow.

Ways To Make Money Online
It's Never Too Late To Live Your Dream

Jaaxy - A Keyword Research Tool I Recommend

ways to make money online
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Used By Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The World

I'm A Newbie Can I Make Money Online?

Let me share my little secret with you about what I discoveredFor your online business to succeed, you should play your own part. That is, you should choose the blueprint model that has been tried, tested and proven to work.

The tried and tested Blueprint Model

How do I know if the blueprint model works? The only way you can tell if the blueprint model works is by testing it. This is something I’ve already done with Wealthy Affiliate training.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that uses a blueprint model that works. Through its training, you learn how to create a successful and long-term business within the online space. 

This blueprint model could be exactly what you are looking for. Wealthy Affiliate training is suitable for newbies including advanced marketers.

I made up my mind to join Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to start an internet business from scratch. At the time of my writing, I have made 8 conversions through the training. For more information, read Wealthy Affiliate Check it out.

To know more about my journey since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, read my Case Study

Legit Training

I have learned a whole new world of various ways to make money online since I’ve been on the platform. I received expert help from the most helpful community I’ve ever come across including unlimited access to useful tools for the smooth functioning of my website.

Feel free to check on my progress here on my About Me page. I have been writing updates on my profile since the day I started. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

You may be sceptical, I don’t blame you. In fact, that’s the right attitude to have especially when dealing with an online service provider you’re not familiar with.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?
Honestly speaking any ordinary person can join and stand to benefit from its training. Disclosure: Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your success depends on how much time you are willing to set aside for training.

Meet Wealthy Affiliate audienceways to make money online

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate or internet marketers
  • People looking for hosting
  • People from all walks, those that are retired, students
  • Job seekers (or hate their job)
  • People looking to build websites
  • People looking to make more money
  • Anyone looking for a hobby
  • People who want to sell their products online.

Once you get inside the community take the steps below that will lead you start making money online.

I learned how to make money online without paying anything

Ways to make money online
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Walk with me on my journey.
Let’s do this together.

Make Money Selling On Amazon

Selling online on Amazon is one of the easiest and effective ways to make money online. On Amazon you can reach millions of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell as an individual or business seller the potential is great. The sky is the limit.

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A Website Is Your Business Storefront

Image Source: WOCinTechChat, Icon Finder


  • Thank you for this post where you have clearly explained in a simple and straightforward way how people can make money online.

    You mentioned the Wealthy Affiliate Programme. It’s my first time to hear about it.

    It seems a genuine programme and one worth joining since it has a lot to offer. The good thing is you have walked us through the joining process.

    That really helps other folks out there who might want to join an affiliate scheme to make informed decisions.

    I got ripped this other year, after joining a scam programme online which involved marketing so many products on 2 websites.

    I paid the joining fee and money also for these other products.

    I was asked to buy this and that to get traffic. Yet, there is an alternative way of getting the traffic you have explained.

    Thanks again for this comprehensive article. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    • Thank you, Amelia, for sparing time to leave me a comment. I am glad you learned one or two things from my post.

      We all have been there.

      I once joined a scam money making programme online and I was asked to pay for other products in addition to the joining fee.

      Luckily enough, I got sceptical about the other products that were being asked for saying they would boost my chances of making money.

      So, I searched on Google to find if the programme I had joined was a genuine one.

      I was shocked with reports I came across of people complaining they had been duped.

      I also discovered a Wealthy Affiliate through a search on Google.

      I was blown away by members’ testimonies, leading me to join and become a member.

  • I have come across websites that talk about internet businesses being the in thing these days.

    However, more often than not, you come across headings like ‘Stay At Home Mum Making Millions which sounds surreal.

    I like the way you have explained that before you make money, you need to lay a foundation with things like having a website and creating content using a keyword.

    I like the realistic approach you have to run a business.

    I appreciate and will keep an eye on your latest articles!

    • Hi, Lazie, thank you for sparing a few minutes from your busy schedule to drop me some comments.

      I am pleased to hear that you found my post informative. In this post, I was sharing with you my lived experienced within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      Wealthy Affiliate gives a comprehensive training programme in starting an online business.

      You get the whole package: Hosting service, Websites building and Domain help in addition to the training you get among like-minded people.

    • Thank you, Sunaina, for stopping by. I am glad to hear you found Making Money Online post informative. I will keep you posted with more updates.

  • Hello, thanks for sharing your information and insight into your online business.

    The platform you described in your article seems to fulfil all the requirements for starting and running a business online.

    I have been surfing the internet for a business I can start on a shoestring.

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform seems to have all the tools to start and build an online business.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi, Kevin, thanks for stopping by and leaving some comments.

      I am glad to hear that the Wealthy Affiliate programme meets your needs.

      The good thing is you learn and earn at the same time alongside like-minded business people who have gone through the same experience as you.

      They know certain sources of tools you could get elsewhere free of charge.

      All you need to do is to ask fellow community members.
      Once again, thank you for your comments. I appreciate. All the best for your business.

  • Thanks for the informative article.

    The problem with finding a way to make money online is all the different options and possibilities.

    As a beginner, it is easy to fall victim to the many scams.

    I think making money online is hard work and commitment like any other business.

    The best thing is the right training. I had a look at Wealthy Affiliate and it looks genuine.

    • Thank you, Dave, for sparing your time to leave some good insights.

      I completely agree with you it’s not easy to find genuine ways to make money online these days because of scams which are on the increase.

      All that scams can do is to make empty promises with their ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes.

      This is so different from Wealthy Affiliate, a genuine place to learn money-making methods that have been tried and tested.

      And can demonstrate how we can grow real online businesses that can provide a full-time income.

  • One of the best business for mid aged or advanced people to do is online business because of their age they would have gotten a lot of experience from life and would actually know enough to be able to teach people and make money from it. 

    Of course to do this effectively they would need a platform to learn the right way to do this which is where wealthyaffiliate comes into play. A platform that would teach anyone how to build an online business that has the potential to earn a lot of money. 

    It is never too late to learn online marketing and make money through the process.

    • Hi, Jay, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my post and leave some invaluable comments.

      I completely agree with you that midlife age is the best to start an internet business using skills and knowledge acquired over the years.
      Things may go wrong in relation to online marketing unless the right process is used as a guide.

      This is where this site comes in to point people in the right direction in terms of where to get training, support, hosting service and all that an internet business needs.

  • I have been looking for ways to make some money online for a while now… I have tried surveys, data entry, and user testing but it’s really impossible to earn more than $100 per month through them…

    Is this affiliate marketing that you mentioned anything like dropshipping? How much money can someone earn through it?

    • Hi Harry, many thanks for taking the time to read my post and for leaving some really useful comments.

      Dropshipping is one among many ways to make money online. Thanks for asking I will write about dropshipping in my next post.

      There are other affiliate marketing programmes anyone can join to earn thousands I covered in this post, How Much Money Can You Make Online?

  • There is some really good information here. Some really good insight. 

    You are absolutely correct, age is but a number. 

    Far too many of the “older” crowd mistakenly allow themselves to believe they are incapable, because of their age, to not only create different sources of income as they get older, but learn new skills as well. 

    Both absolutely untrue. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi, Jason, firstly, many thanks for sparing your time to read my post and leave invaluable feedback. I do appreciate.

      No age is too old to start a new business or to learn new skills.

      Thank you for the encouragement to continue with what I’m doing.

  • Your post is great. Dealing with every aspect of a newbie on an online platform such as Wealthy Affiliate o launch their own online business.

    I can attest that WA is legit. It does not give you too good to be true and empty promises.

    Nothing worth having comes easy. You will workout everything. Having a mentor would and the right training will spell the difference. WA will do just that.

    • Hi, Arwil, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post on ways to make money online and leaving some awesome feedback. I do appreciate.

      I agree with you on the fact that good things are worth waiting for. Success does not come as easy as an overnight thing but through commitment and hard work. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a one-stop provider to get training, support and website hosting. Amazingly, all in one place.

  • Hi Femia

    Thanks a lot for the details explanation on how to make money online.

    I’m a newbie and always wonder how other people make money online. Is it true or just rumors?

    I’m going to check out your WA’s review since you mentioned it provides training for a newbie like me.

    Thanks a lot for putting all this together.


  • Very great post. When I wanted to start an online business myself, I saw people talking about making millions in a year.

    It sounded unreal to me so I needed to make my own personal investigation. Until I found an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate like this one that tells the truth about how it takes a lot of time and dedication to become successful and make passive income.

    The community on WA online platform is truly fabulous as they are always ready to help everyone who is new on the platform. It’s good to see that you have come out plain to help people make something for themselves too

    • Hi, Henderson, many thanks for the time you have put aside to read my post and leave really useful feedback.

      I’m glad to hear that you found my post informative and what I shared is something you can relate with. Making money online is not done overnight. It takes some patience and dedication. 

      The exciting thing is it pays off in the end to bring endless income flows. I’m also happy to hear your own opinion about Wealthy Affiliate and the kind of support one gets from its community.

      Best wishes!

  • Hi Femia, your post is well explanatory and helpful because information is power.

    Most of the people who fall in categories of wanting to quit their jobs either for one reason or the other. The internet is full of scams but I appreciate that you are sharing information about Wealthy Affiliate with anyone who wants to join us and make money legitimately without being scammed.

    I am a premium user at Wealthy Affiliate and I can testify to all what you said about Wealthy Affiliate is true. Anyone who wants to register should go ahead with the link on your website.

    • Hello, many thanks for the time you have put aside to read my post on ways to make money online. Also, for leaving  some invaluable comments. I do appreciate.

      I’m glad that you have also affirmed some of the things I have written about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s very important to share such information especially for those who are still searching for genuine online training platforms and have no clue which ones are scams.

      As a premium member, you have more access to resources and the support you need to form a lasting internet business.

      All the best for your business!

  • I wholeheartedly agree with you, when you say you can make money at any age. From the young to the old… “age is only a number.” 

    Also, folks just starting a business have to do one main thing and that’s to ‘have patience.’ That’s why you can read any status report on business, and it will state that “97% of all first-time start-up businesses fail within the first year.” 

    Again, this is because folks have no patience. They wanna start making hundreds of dollars within the first two weeks. 

    Would you say there are too many scams on the market today? I believe this is why most people don’t even try working their own business. Most are not trustworthy!!

    • Hello, thank you so much for sparing your time to read my article and leave some useful insights.

      I agree with you, lack of patience has caused many business well-wishers to throw in the towel. 

      The increase in businesses online has also seen an increase in scammers who see it as an open window to make money at the expense of unsuspecting people.

      Also, the internet has been instrumental in covering many sad stories of people who got scammed. Personally, I experienced the same thing. I joined a scam money-making programme. I  only discovered it was not legit after I had made several payments.

      Since then I’ve become very sceptical about online businesses. I can’t blame anyone who has lost interest in online businesses.


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